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Arieson’s Story

Arieson Connor Ramos
Stage IV Neuroblastoma
April 5, 2007 - June 17, 2010
3 years old

May 2008 : diagnosed
November 2008 : autologous stem cell transplant
February 2009 : remission
September 2009 : relapse
June 2010 : passing

Arieson was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma in May 2008 at a very young and tender age of 13 months. After a series of intensive treatment including more than five rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and a bone marrow transplant, Arieson was finally and officially cancer-free and in remission by February 2009, the same month we were discharged from the Ronald McDonald House after a 2-month stay. It wasn't until July when Arieson was finally liberated of all medicines, and now being able to go out into the world and explore the way normal 2-year-olds do. Two months later in September, we were shocked with the unfortunate news that Arieson had relapsed during a monthly routine scan, showing signs of Neuroblastoma developing in the bone marrow of his left calf.

We've come so far, yet we start another journey in battling his fight against Neuroblastoma. We continue to stand alongside Arieson, and we are also hopeful and determined to beat this disease, once and for all.

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Latest Journal Update


Dear friends & family,

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook may already know that my Arieson has peacefully left us on Thursday, June 17th.

I apologize for not having updated this site for quite some time, but things were happening too fast for me to even keep myself and my mind up to speed. It only took the monster less than a month to invade my boy's body and steal his life on this Earth.

Thank you all friends, family and strangers for your loving support and your deepest condolences to me, my mom and my step-dad George. My heart is overjoyed with your outpouring love, and I am certain Arieson can feel each and every one of you wherever he is now. I only wish my Arieson was given a chance to meet you all so that you'd feel as touched and blessed as I have. Your heartfelt sincerity has made it easier for us to cope with such an inexplicable and arbitrary loss. Although his life was very short-lived, I feel incredibly privileged to have been his mother for those 3 wonderful and unforgettable years.

To infinity and beyond...

Arieson Ramos
April 5, 2007 - June 17, 2010