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Arieson Connor Ramos
Stage IV Neuroblastoma
April 5, 2007 - June 17, 2010
3 years old

May 2008 : diagnosed
November 2008 : autologous stem cell transplant
February 2009 : remission
September 2009 : relapse
June 2010 : passing

Arieson was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma in May 2008 at a very young and tender age of 13 months. After a series of intensive treatment including more than five rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and a bone marrow transplant, Arieson was finally and officially cancer-free and in remission by February 2009, the same month we were discharged from the Ronald McDonald House after a 2-month stay. It wasn't until July when Arieson was finally liberated of all medicines, and now being able to go out into the world and explore the way normal 2-year-olds do. Two months later in September, we were shocked with the unfortunate news that Arieson had relapsed during a monthly routine scan, showing signs of Neuroblastoma developing in the bone marrow of his left calf.

We've come so far, yet we start another journey in battling his fight against Neuroblastoma. We continue to stand alongside Arieson, and we are also hopeful and determined to beat this disease, once and for all.

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Andrea Ramos posted a new journal entry.

Dear friends & family,Those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook may already know that my Arieson has peacefully left us on Thursday, June 17th.I ... Read more

kaila desuasido signed Arieson's Guestbook.

Hey drea,its kaila, ivans daughter. well last month on thursday i was in health class and we were talking about grief. my teacher was talking about his dead son, noah. he ... Read more

Maritza Kim signed Arieson's Guestbook.

Andrea, I have tears streaming down my face. I have been offline much of the last month and I had no idea. Your beautiful son is just so beautiful. I love that you had ... Read more

dinnae galloway signed Arieson's Guestbook.

Dear Andrea, You and Arie popped into my head tonight, so I had to come down here and leave a message.... like many, I've been touched by your little trooper, and you ... Read more

Cecily Wilson signed Arieson's Guestbook.

Andrea, I've been thinking about you and your boy every day. I'm so sorry for your loss.  I keep you and Arie close to my heart. Cecily  Read more

Caroline Haswell signed Arieson's Guestbook.

Dear Andrea, I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. My heart breaks for the loss of your sweet little boy. If there is ever ANYTHING that I can do for ... Read more

joan de los reyes signed Arieson's Guestbook.

Dearest Anne, I know it's going to be hard from this day on without Ari around but I also know how strong a woman you are.  You took after your mom and I'm sure you're ... Read more

Mabel Jurewicz signed Arieson's Guestbook.

God Bless Arie!  So sorry for your loss.   Mabel (daughter Alyssa, was born with NB 2001) Read more

Rachel Spinks signed Arieson's Guestbook.

Andrea, As I sit here reading your last post, tears stream down my face and my heart aches for you and your son. I don't know you but we are unfortunately connected by ... Read more

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