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Ariel Rose’s Story

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Ariel Rose Gariano came into my life on August 19, 1998. One of a set of twins she was already extraordinary from the moment she came into this world, but I couldn't in my wildest imagination begin to realise just how special, just how brave, just how inspiring my little girl has proven to be.

Ariel - her name means 'Lioness of God'. It's a name she would live up to within days of her birth. At the great age of 3 days Ariel was diagnosed with a laryngeal cleft, a rare airway birth defect in which her trachea and esophagus were not completely divided. Ariel would undergo multiple surgeries at two medical institutions, Children’s Hospital Oakland and Children’s Medical Center Cincinnati. We had been warned from the beginning that Ariel faced many challenges and the odds were stacked against her.
But Ariel is a fighter like few can imagine and she came out of her surgeries with amazing results. As she grew older we realized in spite of the multiple occassionas that she had been oxygen deprived while aspirating she was in tact and very much a normal little girl. We really began to believe we had escaped our worst nightmares as Ariel grew into a beautiful, healthy little girl.

 On October 26, 2007, however, the nightmares came back, only this time they were scarier than anything we had previously imagined.

Ariel was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma, when a large tumor was found in her sinus cavity and was encroaching on her right eye.

She would endure a year of chemotherapy, radiation, multiple surgeries and in August of 2008 she was declared disease free.

Ariel has been cancer free for 30 months and she's blossomed into a lovely young lady. Smart, Funny, Compassionate, Fearess she is so full  of life it seems incomprehensible that we would be told the cancer appears to have returned.

We are beginning our next fight and we are clinging to our girl, her fighting spirit and are holding to our hearts the knowledge that nobody likes to defy the odds quite like Ariel.

She's been doing it since birth and hopefully she can do it again.

Latest Journal Update

Reality Check - Thank You Baby

It was a licking my wounds, woe is me sort of day and then Ariel, you put your beloved homeless man right in my line of sight. Thank you baby girl, I needed to help someone today to remember I can make a difference, even a small one. My sweetest Ariel I needed a reality check (again) and today,as in life you are always the one to bring it to me. 
Time to dust it all off and move on. I need to remember your strength, your grace, your fight - #Fists Up  #Grity. No matter how much it hurts, no matter that I don't want this path some days, I have to remember that I have it better than so many in this world, bruises, cuts, scars and all. 
I'm your Mother, Ariel, Now and Forever. I need to step up and represent what you stood for my love, every moment, every breath. I need to remember you and stand tall, not bend down and weep over what others take me for. 
I needed this reminder, badly. Thank you baby.

I love you my kit, my cub, my soul, my Ariel Rose.

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3 Comentarios

Beverly Reed
Thank you, Dear God, for that homeless man that Ariel helped so many times. Thank you for using her to reach out to him, and thank you for using him to remind all of us how blessed we really are. Thank you for calling others to pick up where Ariel left off and providie ministry to him and so many others who take the time to share a couple of dollars, a smile, a kind word, and to say a prayer. Keep that man safe and provided for. b
colleen forno
By Colleen
Crystal there is a homeless lady I have been helping for almost a year now. I talk with her, hug her, take her food and coffee and last Sunday I made her some fresh cup cakes. I had to search a long time till I found her but I kept saying, keep looking, Ariel would keep looking till she found her. When winter began I took her a coat and blanket. All she needs is someone to care. Ariel would have cared for my new friend. She told me her name is Shelly and she carries a radio that she says is her husband. People avoid her but if they just stopped for a second they would see what a lovely person she is trapped inside an odd to most, body. I know Ariel helped me find her in the first place. Much love to you. Colleen from Australia.
lori van gundy
By lori van gundy
Thank you for sharing once again how amazing Ariel still is and will always be.
God Bless