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Miracles of Mitch

This is a short footage I found today on Facebook. Made me cry.. Steve Chepokas is dad of Mitch who's legacy is shown through Miracles of Mitch organization. They've been so wonderful to our family! And yesterday they delivered to us a box of food goodies and gas cards... Totally didn't expect that and we are so grateful!!

Another Miracles of Mitch triathlon is coming up on August 16 at lake Ann. Unfortunately we have to miss it since Anya is going in for chemo day after her birthday, on August 15th.

On Tuesday, August 12th, we'll get to go to a silent auction at Chanhassen dinner theater where we get to share our family story. Our friend Anna, who is only 17 years old! has been raising money for Miracles of Mitch through this event for the last 6 years. If anyone interested to participate, this event will be held 6-9 pm on Tuesday, August 12th.

God bless our new friends who dedicate their lives helping families like us. We bow our heads in gratitude for their selfless service..


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Lori Tierney
By Lori Tierney
Hi Zhenya and family! My thoughts and prayers are with you all and your sweet girl! Janeth and I are hoping to plan a visit soon. It will be so good to see you! Your family is surrounded by God's love, indeed.....Blessings, Lori
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