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Life is a whirlwind

So much for updating often.. We had a busy week. Seems like only now I am catching up with clearing out my head a little.

Let me go back to chemo days first. Anya got it figured out how to get those chemo pills down. On day 2 we found out that there is a way to cut down to 6 pills versus 10. The problem was we could not stretch it through the entire day. Because an hour after taking pills they had to start infusion on the second drug. So.. we decided to take them on timer would help. Anya has 3 min for each pill. Here is the order: take a pill, chew gum, have a cracker. And that's every 3 min for six times. Whatever works..

The worst this time was control of nausea. That was not easy especially with that whole pill swallowing business.. On day 3 the doctor decided to take Anya off her fluids and add another pill called emend to reduce nausea. Seems like it did a trick and we were so pleased since on Monday we had planned a special pass for a special dinner out with our dear friends the Jacksons. We've been friends for the last 10 years, since Sam and Carmen just moved to MN. And we love them like our family. Sam accepted a special opportunity at work to work in India for the next 3 years and we had to say goodbye to them and their 3 kiddos..:( As excited and happy we are for this great opportunity, we felt really heart broken to see them go. Anya prayed for them every night and got very emotional during those prayers..

Another special event was to go to Miracles of Mitch triathlon at lake Nakomas on Saturday. This wonderful organization has been a tremendous support to our family through our years of battling cancer. They raise money for kids with cancer and help out families in their time of need through help with house payments, energy bill payments, weekend family getaways and just tremendous cheering group of people with huge hearts who care.. Anya and Evan are both Mitch's Allstars and we had such great time to be at this event where kids were racing for those kids who can't. Anya and Nadia were asked to sing the national anthem before the race. I was so happy to hear them sing together, knowing that Anya could do it with a grapefruit in her lung. I guess Nadia stayed at Anya's room till 1am the night before and they were practicing:)

Today we got to go to church as a whole family and that was nice. Anya stayed for 2 hours and then her tummy started bothering her. We hope it was her worst day. Tomorrow we have a clinic appointment and physical therapy. I guess that will become a routine for PT desires to see Anya twice a week.

We still have to stay with picc line. As much as we desired to have a port surgery last week, the anesthesiologist was not comfortable putting Anya under General anesthesia. So we are praying fervently that this new chemo will do more than just stopping tumor from growing. Seeing not very heavy side effects makes me almost nervous. If Anya feels good, I sure hope that monster in her lung doesn't and these drugs will do their work.

In this entry I want to say how grateful I am for so many angels who bless our life's in so many ways. We are thankful to woodbury ward for gathering a special gift bag of various cards. It's so helpful sometimes to quickly pick up food instead of cooking and buy gas with gift cards and not worry how many times I have to drive to Minneapolis! We are thankful for our new Oakdale ward for being so wonderful to us through surprise meals, or gifts, or listening ear, or visits.. We are grateful for our former Prescott community who's been there for us through previous battles and still find ways to support us now. And how can I not mention those anonymous friends who send us surprises in the mail... I hope you read this cause I don't know how else I can express our gratitude to you...

One of the reasons we have to go through this journey is probably to recognize how many people are surrounding us who are true disciples of Christ. It is a lesson for me personally. In our days seems like we get so busy with our lives, that we stop seeing a hand of God through others. I feel that this trial points out that there is still dissency in this world and the light can always push out the darkness. As soon as we are willing to choose to recognize that, and have hope, have faith that God is on our side. He has a plan for each one of us and we can prepare to be with God after this earthly life only if we have courage to accept our trials, learn from them, suffer sometimes, but know that God will reward us at the end.


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DeeAnn Havican
By DeeAnn Havican
Sooo glad Anya is doing well enough to sing and participate with the Miracle for Mitch triathlon. How special it is to have such wonderful support from so many people. God bless you all. We love and pray for you.
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Ann Kuzj
By Ann Kuzj
Yes, I too believe that everything will be all right in the end. I am glad that you feel well taken care of and are taking the time to smell the roses when they bloom.
Best wishes,
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