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Gathering info and waiting..

I am thinking I should write more often, so I don't forget anything. This week was very productive. It started with good news of very good counts on Monday. I guess our shopping on Saturday made Anya a blood making machine. Her platelets jumped from 17 to 71, white blood count went into 3000 from 200 just on Friday. Which means she would be ready to start next chemo.

On Tuesday we went to see Dr. Clohisy for our orthopedic follow up. He points out that Anya was more chatty with him than usual. We had a very good appointment full of laughter and positive reinforcement. Even though Anya's activity restrictions were not lifted, she can now put her left foot down on the floor and maybe even use only one crutch.

Out Tuesday was ended with a spontaneous invitation from one of Anya's best friends Lydia to go see Malefecent. We had such a great night with Anya's besties Elle and Lydia, who were by Anya's side through her first treatment and continue doing so even now, when we live 30 minutes away from each other.. I was so glad to see those girls giggling and having such great time, setting aside all those worries that as adults we happen overburden ourselves with.

On Wednesday Peter had his wisdom teeth removed and it went very well with no complications. We had a good laugh about him coming out from anesthesia:) He was a kind "drunk":)

And again the day was ending with our dear friends the Jackson's coming over for dinner. We had such wonderful time together. And for the first time this summer Anya got in the pool and enjoyed being in her "fishy" element. Since her body is in quite vulnerable state rightnow, Anya can't use public pools that much. Peter knows how much Anya loves to swim, so he did some research and shopping around and took advantage of seasonal clearances and ordered one of those above the ground pool structures. Even though Anya has a picc line, she convinced us to get in the pool and had her happy evening in the water:)

Thursday we got to meet a radiology oncology doctor. Good news so far is that we might be able to avoid radiation if chemo works good. So far, no sessions scheduled. We just wait to see what tumor is gonna do.

Chemo admit was this morning. We got to see our favorite team people before the weekend. Dr. McAllister was very pleased to see Anya in such good spirit. And truly, Anya is being such a trooper. Her new chemo drug required her to swallow 10! capsules to complete the needed doze. If you know Anya through last treatment, swallowing pills was her biggest fear. I was so proud of her today, when I watched her braving through such burdening task. She's grown so much even in the last 3 weeks. I watched in awe how she turns into this beautiful, strong and wise young woman who's gone through so many obstacles already in her mortal life. In 3 weeks my girl is turning 12 and I can't wait to see what God has prepared for her in near future...

By the time I left the hospital today, within hours the spark in her eyes dimmed and she felt icky. That's where my sweet husband, my companion comes in to stay with her and allows me to go home and rest.. My heart ached when we were shaving her head, when we listened to possible side effects of radiation in her future. And through all that Anya is the one comforting me.. I know that prayers are her protective shield from all the worries. She is positive and happy in a moment and I cherish it as a special blessing from God. He is holding Anya's hand through this journey. She reminded me today that when Nadia taught her to swallow pills she reminded Anya how much more pain Jesus had to suffer. And that reminder gives Anya strength to overcome her challenges.


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Peggy Kosin
By Peggy Kosin
I am thinking and praying you get through this next obstacle with that beautiful smile still intact! I will be praying and thinking of you! When the darkest days occur.....just think of the fun times and it will get you through it! Miss you kiddo!
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Dina Anderson
By Dina Anderson
Please tell Anya that I will be sharing the story of pill swallowing with my seven year old daughter, Bryn. She has eczema, and has to take pills for 5 days. This is the first time she has had to swallow pills and it has been hard. (I ended up putting them in a chicken nugget for her to chew and swallow). I believe that Anya's braveness to swallow ten pills in one setting will help Bryn swallow one at a time. I will tell her too, of Nadia's comment on how Jesus had to suffer even more. I learn so much from the posts about Anya's bravery and strength and am using that information to empower my daughter. Thank you for that gift.

So glad to read that Anya was able to spend time with Lydia and Elle. True friends are invaluable!

Bryn and I continue to pray for Anya and the entire family.
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Allison Amezcua
By Allison
Thank you for the great post Zhenya! Anya's positive attitude will help her so much in her recovery! So many prayers coming your way. The Lord is truly with her and you as you slay this ugly monster. You got this! Love you all!!
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Jenny Wazlawik
By Jenny Wazlawik
Thank you for the update Zhenya. Wishing you those giggles back soon, Anya!! So proud of you!
Mrs. Wazlawik
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DeeAnn Havican
By DeeAnn Havican
I am so impressed with all of you especially Anya. You are amazing. Sooo glad you had a good week! Hope chemo goes well and destroys the nasty cancer in Anya. Our hearts and prayers continue to be with you. Stay strong and God bless you.
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