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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about our little Anya.

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 Anya approached her Mom and Dad in early April 2012 complaining of stomach pain and a pain in her side. She asked for some kind of medicine to help her tummy ache. She tried TUMS, which soon changed to Childrens Tylenol to cope with the pains. She never displayed a temperature or anything more than simple aches and pains of a growing nine year old child. After a few more nights of concerns and complaints of tummy pains though, Anya asked to see the family doctor. We took her to the Doctors office the next morning.

When we got to the Doctors office we discovered that she needed an x-ray to determine what was bugging her. When the X-ray came back we looked at it together and there was a strange shape to her left hip bone. The Doctor ordered an MRI to be done at Children's Hospital in St. Paul.

Anya and Dad went to the hospital. She did great in the tube, but her nerves were getting to her as she reached the half way point. Anya asked that Dad would sit in the room and hold her hand while she finished the test. It was a really special moment for Dad.

Dad recieved a call from the doctor's office that there was some sort of adnormality on the scans and that the doctor wanted to meet with Mom and Dad the following day. When we went to the office the next morning the Doctor confirmed that Anya has a tumor 4cm X 5cm X 5cm. Our worst nightmare confirmed. The Doctor said that most likely it is Ewings sarcoma, but further testing would need to be done to absolutely confirm the results. She stated that our Oncology team from Anya's brother was already alerted and working on the problem.


Zhenya DeVol posted a new journal entry, "Life goes on".

Just a quick update. We had such wonderful time seeing my family in Canada. Last time we were there all together was a month before Anya's original diagnosis, in March of ... Read more

<3 Lori Hurley signed Anya's Guestbook.

Just came to check on you!! I saw that your "go fund me" is almost at your 15K goal, and this makes me very happy!! May your donations increase and the tumor decrease is ... Read more

Zhenya DeVol posted a new journal entry, "Monday, Monday....".

What a busy day! After a full day of school for Anya, what should have been a quick in and out of a doctors appointment was not so quick. We were ten minutes late getting ... Read more

<3 Lori Hurley signed Anya's Guestbook.

This is a beautiful post. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world. We take so much for granted.We love you and we are praying for your regularly!!!! Read more

Zhenya DeVol posted a new journal entry, "Happy school start".

And.. We survived first week of school:) It ended up to be better that I expected. Anya quickly started making new friends and assured me that kids are being nice to her ... Read more

<3 Lori Hurley signed Anya's Guestbook.

Thank you for this post. No one could possibly know what you've been through, and when you lay it out like that, it's humbling for us all! We love you!By the way... have ... Read more

Zhenya DeVol posted a new journal entry, "Humbled..".

I don't think I can find right words to express my gratitude about the explosion of support we received on Anya's fund... Thank you so much to all our friends, family and ... Read more

Zhenya DeVol posted a new journal entry, "Mixed blessings....".

Today has been a bit of a roller coaster for our family. Anya had an appointment with her Oncology team to go over some test results and next phase planning. We found out ... Read more

Zhenya DeVol added a new photo.

Zhenya DeVol added a new photo.

Zhenya DeVol posted a new journal entry, "Birthday season".

Chemo 3 is under our belt. And most importantly, Anya had her port surgery!:) No more dangling cords off of her arm! She was a trooper to get through her fasting on ... Read more

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