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Anya’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about our little Anya.

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 Anya approached her Mom and Dad in early April 2012 complaining of stomach pain and a pain in her side. She asked for some kind of medicine to help her tummy ache. She tried TUMS, which soon changed to Childrens Tylenol to cope with the pains. She never displayed a temperature or anything more than simple aches and pains of a growing nine year old child. After a few more nights of concerns and complaints of tummy pains though, Anya asked to see the family doctor. We took her to the Doctors office the next morning.

When we got to the Doctors office we discovered that she needed an x-ray to determine what was bugging her. When the X-ray came back we looked at it together and there was a strange shape to her left hip bone. The Doctor ordered an MRI to be done at Children's Hospital in St. Paul.

Anya and Dad went to the hospital. She did great in the tube, but her nerves were getting to her as she reached the half way point. Anya asked that Dad would sit in the room and hold her hand while she finished the test. It was a really special moment for Dad.

Dad recieved a call from the doctor's office that there was some sort of adnormality on the scans and that the doctor wanted to meet with Mom and Dad the following day. When we went to the office the next morning the Doctor confirmed that Anya has a tumor 4cm X 5cm X 5cm. Our worst nightmare confirmed. The Doctor said that most likely it is Ewings sarcoma, but further testing would need to be done to absolutely confirm the results. She stated that our Oncology team from Anya's brother was already alerted and working on the problem.

Latest Journal Update

Full time job...

Today Anya expressed at her new acupuncture appointment as we were explaining our schedule, that she would be quite wealthy if she would actually get paid for all the work she has to put in in her treatments.

I know I didn't write here in awhile. Probably because I reached, or so it seems, my emotional tiredness moment. After we wrestled about radiation decision, we finally decided to put our trust in a team of doctors who work so hard in finding the best solution for our little girl. And our full time job is to get her to Minneapolis every day throughout week for 24 treatment days. Anya's chemo overlapped last week and will overlap once more on the week of November 10.

School has been hard, but needed at the same time. Every chemo week Anya is not at school, and when she comes back, she is quite overwhelmed. She hates to be behind, and even though Mrs. Goetz ( home bound teacher and education counselor) keeps telling Anya that she has to do only as much as she can tolerate, Anya manages to be hard on herself and wants to be as normal as she can be. It is so hard to watch her go through the same pattern every three weeks, but I don't see how being only home bound will be beneficial. Teachers and kids in Oakland JH have been nothing but supportive and such awesome cheerleaders to Anya! Last week mrs Goetz shared a video from entire 7th grade singing "Don't stop believing". We are overwhelmed as usual with all the ways people try to reach out and help... We are so grateful to Anya's friends in Prescott for hosting special gatherings/ benefits for our family. Our hearts are full of gratitude.

We've been trying to keep miss Ah busy on weekends. Over MEA weekend we took her overnight to the waterpark of America with her two dearest friends. She had so much fun swimming and being happy and giggly.:) Last weekend we finally made it to Apple orchard. Anya's vitamin D dropped to 0.3, so it was important to get her outside, especially cause the weather has been so beautiful( at least till today:))

On Sunday Anya received her patriarchal blessing. Since it's very sacred for her, I can't share it with everyone. But I asked Anya how she felt. And she said she was relieved and felt loved by Heavenly Father... She had her reassurance that He is there for her and he knows of her sufferings. What peace it gives my heart that she is so mature to love God even in her time of such great trial..

Last Friday Anya had such tough time while her port was accessed for chemo. I never heard her in such pain.. But by evening it was like cloud over her memory and she was happy herself again. I have a testimony that my Ah is protected by this amazing gift of blocking out all negative and not dwell on it, and just live in a moment. What a lesson we can all learn from it!

Today we went to see an acupuncturist for the first time. I think there is something good in it. We will go again next week, and I really hope it will help us to have a better control over nausea. Anya had a choice of taking medical marihuana that was offered to her in the clinic, for nausea. But our valiant girl said no, in keeping her standards up. I admire that strength in my child. She is not afraid to stand up for her values, even though it makes her miserable physically.. So, now we are trying acupuncture:)

Last week was emotionally draining for us all. Anya brought up a question to her doctor if there is a chance of her dying.. And the doctor said "yes". But, since so far Anya is responding to chemotherapy, we have no reasons to worry. But if her body will change its response, then of course chances of survival will change. So, what do you think Anya does after that answer? She brings up a question to the family on her funeral arrangements.... Yep, she asked Nadia to sit down and write it all down. That's how we are doing here, in DeVol family...

Again, I apologize for not keeping up with my entries.. As you can see, I had to go through some adjustments to be able to share what's on my mind. I kindly ask you, our earthly Angels, to pray for our Anya. I am pleading with Heavenly Father to not take my girl away from me... She is an amazing and very special spirit. And I can see why He would want her. But oh what a great mission I think she still has here, on earth! And for my selfish reasons, I don't want her to go anywhere... So, I had a little discussion with Anya, that I respect her decision to speak out what's been bugging her, and talk about banned subject. But that doesn't give her a right to give up. And since even traditional medicine still has hope for us, we are going to fight! And that's what we will do...


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DeeAnn Havican
By Art and DeeAnn Havican
You are amazing Anya. We admire you so much. God bless and heal you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.