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Anthony’s Story


Welcome to Anthony's caring bridge site. I am honored to give you all an opportunity to stay up-to-date with Anthony's progress as it happens.

Anthony is a Corpsman second class with the United States Navy. He is stationed with the second batallion, seventh marine unit out of Twentynine Palms, CA. He was deployed for his second tour of combat duty on January 29, 2007. Anthony takes great pride in his job and in "his" marines.

Anthony was injured on April 20, 2007 when a SVBIED (suicide vehicle born improvised e device) was detonated under an overpass where they were standing post. He and 7 other marines were injured in the incident. Anthony sustained a head injury, an injury to his lower back, a punctured right lung and minor scrapes and scratches on his legs, hands, arms and face. He was medivaced to 3 different medical stations before finally being sent to Landstuhl Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany. There he was cared for by loving hands of the ICU nurses and doctors for just shy of a week. On Friday, April 27, 2007, he was then medivaced to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

Latest Journal Update

Anthony's coming home!

What a weird day I’ve had today...I woke up apparently in a bad mood. Poor AJ had to deal with a very unhappy mommy this morning and that wasn’t fair for him. On top of being in a bad mood, I cut my eye lid with my nail while I was getting ready and then right before Leaving the house I nicked my nose. I really just wanted to go back to bed, but instead I packed up my things and headed to see my man; he always makes me feel better. Luckily no one pissed me off on the highway today, because I may have gone postal on someone. When I got to the hospital Anthony was fresh and clean and resting on his side looking out the window at the pretty day outside. I assured him it was pretty, but it was also VERY cold. My poor man is going to have a reality check when I take him home tomorrow. Yes, you read that right, my man is coming home tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier about it, but I’ll get back to that. I said good morning to my man and hugged and kisses on him and told him about mine and AJ’s dinner last night and the horrible couple sitting next to us and how they spoke to their child. I also told him, had he been there, he would have wanted to say something.
After just talking to him for a bit, I did my routine, 20 point inspection to which he passed with flying colors. I crawled in bed with him for a bit and just loved on him until the doctors came in to talk to me.
Dr. Bodenheimer came and told me that his urine culture came back and the two bugs that were growing were both resistant to Ciprofloxacin. What does this mean, you ask? Basically we have one of two options. We can either switch the antibiotic to treat the bacteria that grew OR we cannot. The problem with switching the antibiotic is that the next time he really has a UTI and it grows the same bugs, we run the risk of making him resistant to the antibiotic that will kill said bugs and because his WBC is normal, do we really have anything to treat? So here’s the thing, if both bugs are resistant to Cipro, then what have we treated? It appears that Anthony most likely had the starting of a pneumonia. The bad thing is...holy crap he had pneumonia! The good thing is...the Cipro is generally a good antibiotic to treat pneumonia and obviously this time, it did just that...treated this pneumonia. Anthony is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and I think just ready to go home and I have to agree. I’m ready to get him home, give him a scrub down shower and spend time with my boys again.
The day for us was spent watching movies and me reading up on essential oils and all the uses for them; I’m trying something new. After doing some research, Anthony’s bed looked really comfy, so I crawled in next to him, cuddled up to him and took a snooze with my man. I’m trying to take full advantage of our alone time and it’s really nice. We both fell asleep and when I woke up, the door to the room was closed; those awesome nurses made sure that no one bothered us while we slept. I woke up and repositioned Anthony in the bed and then brushed his teeth and made sure he was all settled before I left. Sheila picked AJ up from school, so I was able to hang out with Anthony longer than if I had to pick AJ up from school. Once it was time to go, I said goodnight to my man and told him I would see him in the morning. Tomorrow I’ll be heading up tot he hospital with Anthony’s wheelchair and clothes and ready to take my man home. He just has an ultrasound that needs to be done before discharge, hopefully they get that done first thing in the morning. As for me, I’m so happy to be getting my man back where he belongs; life just isn’t right without him in the house. Thank you all for your support as always, I know I can always count on you!
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Garry Phillips
By Garry Phillips — last edited
Ivonne, I am so glad that Anthony is coming home. He looks very good in the photo with AJ . Speaking of AJ ,what a little man he is growing up to be. I am very impressed. If he becomes the football player that Anthony was then look out . LOL Ivonne you are so awesome. Your two men are so blessed to have you as their mother and wife. As you know I had Anthony for IPC and Chemistry. He was the type of student that all teachers would like to have. Besides being his science teacher I was also his football and powerlifting coach.He was a very good lineman for the mighty Falcons, I am very proud to say that I was his coach. As for powerlifting ,he was a monster.I do not remember his totals but I do know that they were high. I hope that some of the muscle that I helped him develop is in some way helping him now. Right before he deployed he came to my classroom in his class A uniform to tell me goodbye ,I will never forget that. Y'all are always in our prayers, I would like to see him. Please call me 281-543-0822. I will be there in a drop of a hat or maybe sooner. Love to all of y'all, Coach Phillips
Lynda Buckley
By Lynda Buckley
Yay! We are so glad Anthony is well enough to go home tomorrow! Thank you for the update Ivonne!
LuAnn Graham
By LuAnn Graham
I've heard wonderful things about essential oils! Still praying for you and your family with love from Michigan. LuAnn, widow of Jan Henry Graham, Navy Vietnam
Marianne Adams (adams.marianne@yahoo.com)
Sooo glad Anthony's getting to come home....I bet he is even gladder!!! Maybe now you all can get back to your "normal" routine! We continue with our prayers for each of you...what an awesome family you are (love the new pic you posted...Anthony & AJ are such a handsome pair!). blessings to all...hope you can get everyone all settled in soon.
Ms Marianne & Kaylee
Dee McHugh
By Dee McHugh
Glad that they found what all was ailing him and the meds worked. Now, let's hope the roads are void of other drivers...or at least until you make it home with Anthony! XO
Barbara Dinsmore
By Barbara Dinsmore, Arlington, TX
Absolutely Ivonne, you can always count on Bob and me for our prayers for you and Anthony and little AJ.
God bless all of you and I know He has a wonderful plan for all three of you.
Oceans of love for your family,
Bob & Barbara Dinsmore
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