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Anthony’s Story


Welcome to Anthony's caring bridge site. I am honored to give you all an opportunity to stay up-to-date with Anthony's progress as it happens.

Anthony is a Corpsman second class with the United States Navy. He is stationed with the second batallion, seventh marine unit out of Twentynine Palms, CA. He was deployed for his second tour of combat duty on January 29, 2007. Anthony takes great pride in his job and in "his" marines.

Anthony was injured on April 20, 2007 when a SVBIED (suicide vehicle born improvised e device) was detonated under an overpass where they were standing post. He and 7 other marines were injured in the incident. Anthony sustained a head injury, an injury to his lower back, a punctured right lung and minor scrapes and scratches on his legs, hands, arms and face. He was medivaced to 3 different medical stations before finally being sent to Landstuhl Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany. There he was cared for by loving hands of the ICU nurses and doctors for just shy of a week. On Friday, April 27, 2007, he was then medivaced to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

Latest Journal Update

A fool is a fool...

You know sometimes a fool is a fool is a fool. I’ll explain this in just a little bit. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and an even happier new year celebration. We had an amazing holiday season. Anthony’s parents were here this year so I was very happy to have both our families at Christmas Eve dinner; which I hosted. It was the most people I’ve cooked for...I think, ever. On the menu: Prime rib roast, sauteed brussel sprouts and bacon with a balsamic honey glaze, southern style green beans, honey roasted butternut squash with cranberries and feta and potatoes au gratin (courtesy of Stephen, my father-in-law) and homemade yeast rolls. Everything was delicious if I may toot my own horn; even if the meat was a little over cooked (lesson learned). It was a lovely evening with good conversations, good drinks, good food and happy people and having a full house like that made me very happy; that’s how a home should be during the holidays. Mom, dad and my brother spent the night here and we opened presents (AJ was a very happy little boy) and then we had lunch and then the house was empty again. My cousin Paco and his family (wife, Brenda and daughter Natalia) came to visit and stayed at my parents house so Friday night AJ and I went over there and had dinner and got to visit with them, so that was fun. Saturday we drove out to Jones Creek and visited with the Thomas family and I’m glad that the rain didn’t keep us from going. It is ridiculous how long it has been since we’ve been down to see Bradley and the rest of the family. We had lunch and even got to visit with my dear friend Sue’s son, Kevin. After a lovely day there, we made the trek back home because Sunday had another jam-packed day. Anthony was enjoying visiting family and friends; you could see it on his face and that made me even happier. Sunday after Christmas we went to have a family lunch at my folks house and AJ wanted to spend the night and hang out with our cousins. After a MOST delicious lunch made by my cousin Paco, it was time to say goodnight and head back home with my main man. The next day, I met my mom, AJ, Brenda and Natalia in the woodlands on the very rainy day for a movie day. It was fun, we saw Night at the Museum (very fun movie) and then did a little light shopping on Market St. out there. AJ opted to again spend the night so I dropped them off at the house and then headed home to spend time with my man. I got home and got Anthony into bed and then I crawled in next to him and cuddled and watched a movie with him there before saying goodnight and heading to bed early. The next couple of days were a blur; pretty typical days for us. For New Years Eve I had an invite to a party with some friends, so I went out there and had a great time and then came back home to my man; who was waiting up for me and said “Happy New Year” to him and snuggled him for a bit before going to sleep. New Year’s day my folks had us over for lunch and so Anthony and I bundled up and headed out. Lunch was delicious and the company even better. After lunch we hung out for a while and then packed up, said goodbye to our cousins and then headed home to get back to the routine.
So see, a very busy, but fun holiday season. Here’s the thing though; every year I go into the holidays bright-eyed and optimistic for a wonderful season and it is, but when it’s over I’m left disappointed. WHY? Because that holiday glazed optimism often times makes me forget the reality of our situation...the reality that life is difficult. Life is ALWAYS routine and not necessarily the routine I want for my family, but with many of Anthony’s limitations, can’t help but be that way. Every single year I come out of the holidays with the idea that this...this is the YEAR...this is the year that things will be better and then usually by day 2 or 3 into the new year I realize that this year is going to be exactly like the last year. I know not terribly optimistic of me, but reality sucks sometimes. Every year I make the resolution that this will be the year that I do things differently and then realize quickly that there is no way to do it differently so I fall back into the mundane routine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry or sad for that matter...I’m almost indifferent. I just look at myself in the mirror, shrug my shoulders, let out a loud sigh and silently say to myself, “Ok, here we go again.” and then I just go about my day. When will my head talk louder than my heart? I feel like optimism sometimes (most times) is deceiving and I hate that I am sometimes such a pessimistic person, but trying to be positive all the time is so exhausting and sometimes disappointing. I love my family; Anthony is a rock star and healthier than all of us put together, aside from the occasional illness of course. AJ is full of energy and NEVER stops talking (Mom says it’s payback...HA), but he is so fun and entertaining and there is, for sure, never a dull moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So like I said, I love my family, but I wish our life were different. I am forever grateful to the friends and support we’ve gotten along the way; God knows, I could have never come this far without it, but I wish our life were normal and not the “new normal” crap that we’ve come to use to describe our life. I want to have Anthony come home and throw his arms around me and kiss me and tell me all about his day. I want Anthony to take AJ to baseball try-outs and practices and outside everyday to play catch. I want to have date nights and plan family vacations (with and without friends). I want us to have friends over and everyone enjoy themselves. I want to be able to have the spontaneous road trip, just because we can. I want to be able to share a room with my man, the way a husband and wife are supposed to. Damn, I am apparently very needy, huh? Truth be told I know I’m (we’re) lucky...things could have been way worse, right? I still have my man here, I have a healthy son who is a pretty awesome kid and we have a beautiful home and some pretty great friends and family. That should be all that matters, huh? So what it comes down to is, I’m a fool for thinking every single year that things are going to be different or easier or better, because year after year it’s the same thing...the same challenges, the same worries and the same realities. Oh well...here’s to stability, routine and expecting the expected; some people wish for that right? See I’m lucky...I already have that. Happy New Year all!! I swear I’m done being a “Debbie Downer”...for now I mean.

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Mike nault
By Mike nault
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, This year I decided to ask myself a question,Why do I let my Mind ask Questions My Heart already knows the answer to? I hope to answer that this year we shall see. I know what you are going thru since I find myself doing the same with Shane. "CHALLENGE" A simple word that you can use to change your and your families daily routine. You and your family just Like me and Shane are different and therefore need to DO LIFE differantly but we can still enjoy it. Challenge yourself your husband and your son to accomplish somthing differant this year. Also when you lay your head down at night we must beable to say we learned somthing today. Take time to reflect on what you learned about yourself,someone or something else. or maybe where you are spiritually. By doing these simple things we can fight off those mundane days with some freash air and sunny skies even on the worst of days. GOD BLESS Love Mike and Shane
Bev Muzeroll
By Bev Muzeroll, NH
HAPPY NEW YEAR ! to you all. . It is ok to feel robbed the way you do and you are entitled to feel that way. You have been such a roll model from the beginning which I have been following you. Not sure I could do such a great job as you are. We are here to listen and try to help out in any way possible. I wish I could be there helping you, however that is not possible for me. Sure hope that your writing and us listening to you, helps keep your chin up as much as it can. You are in my thoughts and prayers
cheryl aman
You are in our thoughts and prayers
LuAnn Graham
By LuAnn Graham
Barbara Gemmell
By Barbara
Happy New Year - Have your doubts. Have your doldrums. Let yourself grieve the loss of normal life. You are always your best therapist. You know how to go through the whole negative-to-positive cycle and come out on top. You are the best at listing those items for which you are grateful, for which others would kill to have. You let those who surround you know they are loved and needed. You are the supreme caregiver. Work it through. We are your sounding board. We love you, even if from afar, and want the best for you and your family. I send you healing vibes and hugs.
sherry stephenson
By Sherry Stephenson
Happy New Year Ivonne. The things you have endured make you the strong woman that you are. My hope is for you to have a happier year this year, and each and every year after. AJ helps with that, and he will keep you busy. Try to keep that pretty smile on your face.