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Week Twenty Eight – Some pain

Ann had a bad coughing
spell and then complained of her right ribs hurting. The cancer came back in
the left ribs in fall of 2010. So we guess it has moved over there. Everyone
has noticed Ann’s urine looking different. Today the Hospice nurse said it
looks like Ann’s kidneys are shutting down. The Hospice Doctor has ordered a
Morphine IV feed for pain medication.


Ann asked for her jewelry
from the trailer and sorted it out allowing all to have a pick of their
favorite. I was not up to that but as Tammy told me it was Ann’s way of coming
to some controlled closure. Ann has asked me about my travel plans after she is
gone. I would like to attend a couple of camping rallies but have not idea from
Oct on.


Tammy talked with Ann and
me about her going home. With Ann’s help Tammy picked the 3rd of May
as her departure date. Tammy graduates the 11th with a 3.97 GPA BS
in teaching. That young lady has busted her buns.


One day at a time.


We thank everyone for
their continued prayers and support.