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Week Twenty Five – Ann held her own and had a GREAT EASTER

did well this week. We had visitors. Tammy’s husband came down Wed
and left Friday. One couple stopped at one of the RV parks for a week and are
leaving today. One gal flew in Wed and leaves today.

Ann is still very coherent
and we have not had to increase her pain medication. One day she asked when she
could get out of the hospital bed. We had to remind her of her fragile pelvic
bone and femur on the right side.

Ann interacted with the visitors swapping
stories and inserting lots of wit. We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ann got
her hair washed Saturday and Tammy did her nails. Sunday Barbara put on a nice
sun dress and Ann looked so good.
Ann had the ladies color some eggs and made
us men go hunt egg outside. The ladies placed the eggs close to the window so
Ann could watch us grown men hunt eggs. She loved it and claimed we did too.

pain is starting to show up in her arms. It may be cancer or just muscle pulls
because she uses her arms to help pull herself upright in the hospital bed.

have not seen much of hospice medical staff but have not called for support
either. Ann receives a bath from the hospice lady three times a week, who 
reports to Hospice on Ann’s color and status.

could not ask for any better care and support than that provided by Barbara (Ann’s
sister) and Mary (their sister-in-law). Those two ladies sleep with a baby
monitor next to them and immediately move when there is any  sound of
trouble. Now you know why Hospice is not concerned right now.

picture is Ann and Tammy on Easter.

you for all your continued support and prayers.