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Week Twenty Three – Hospice is on board and really helping with the pain management

Twenty Three – Hospice is on board and really helping with the pain management.

we called Hospice and asked them to take over Ann’s pain management. We had
visitors who made the trip to see Ann. At her request they came to the trailer.
She could hardly navigate the trailer steps because of pain and weekness. It
was great to see all but Ann having to navigate the trailer took a lot of (all
her remaining) strength on Ann’s part. That afternoon the Hospice nurse came
out and after the paperwork to get us into the program she worked with the on-call
doctor and doubled Ann’s pain medications to get her from a 7 to a 4. Friday they
increased her Fentenal patch from 75 Mcg to 125 Mcg and increased her Oxicodone
from 15 mg to 30 mg ever four hours. They increased her Zanax to three tabs a
day. Monday the 26th, the Hospice nurse coordinated with their
doctor and they increased her Fentenal from 125 to 200 Mcg and changed the
Oxicodone from 30 mg ever four hours to every 3 hours for breakthrough pain
relief. They are working hard to get the pain under control. Today the Hospice
doctor visited. He reduced the Fentenal from 200 to 175 Mcg at Ann’s request.
She feels she was over medicated. Her pain is better for now.

Doctor explained the Cancer in the bone weakens it and creates small fissures in
the bone and every time Ann moves they rub causing pain like a broken bone rubbing.
He feels Ann’s pelvic and femur bone on the right side are very weak and can
crack if she steps wrong. He does not want her putting full weight on the right
side. We are now moving Ann with the wheel chair.

you for all your continued prayers and support.