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Anne’s Story

I am a mother of three beautiful children; Natalie (5), Sam (3), and Christopher (1). I am a wife to Jon. We have celebrated eight wonderful years of marriage this past summer. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer last fall and have been fighting hard for my family since.On Friday, I saw an internal medicine doctor because I was having severe shoulder/arm pain for the last week. I thought these pains were muscle related. After a thorough examination, my doctor believed that the pain I was having was "referred" pain, meaning it was coming from another area of my body. I was sent to the ER at Abbott Northwestern to have a few tests that would hopefully rule out a blood clot or trouble with my gall bladder. Many tests were performed. Both the blood clot and gall bladder issues were ruled out. However, an ultrasound of my liver showed some lesions/growths on my liver. A CT scan was then done to confirm that there were, in fact, spots on my liver and in my lungs. I was admitted to the hospital. On Saturday morning, a biopsy was performed on my liver. The preliminary results confirm that the tissues/cells that were extracted from my liver are cancerous. They don't think that I have liver cancer, but that what they found is something that has spread from elsewhere.

The next step....

We are waiting. On Monday or Tuesday of this week, we will be meeting with an oncologist. The tissue samples are still being processed and should provide more answers. Once we know what kind of cancer we are fighting, they will be able to offer some treatment possibilites. Almost positively, they will need to deliver the baby early. It could be as early as next week. On Thursday, the baby will be 32 weeks--which is, according to my doctors, the "magic" number of weeks for taking the baby early. The baby has done well throughout the pregnancy and they think he/she will do okay. I will write more once we know more. Please pray for us!