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By — Jan 14, 2010 2:18pm
To all of Anne's loved ones:
I'm thinking of you today and praying warm memories will overcome the sadness. 

It's amazing to me to think about how much impact one beautiful life has on so many others.  I'm often reminded of how Anne dealt with her battle gracefully.  And how concerned she was about thanking some of us for little things we did to help her in the last few weeks of her life.  It wasn't necessary, but it was important to her that we knew she appreciated us.  We knew.  The feeling was mutual.

She gave us a bag of parent/child Christmas crafts in '08.  Even though she knew her days were numbered, she thought about blessing others!  We couldn't do all of them.  There were so many!  So I set them back on the shelf.  Last month, my son remembered the bag of crafts and pulled it down.  It was wonderful to think about her and to know she would love it that he and I are doing her Christmas crafts together again.  She gave me a precious gift.  One that continued almost a year after she was gone.  And I know I will continue to remember the gift she gave me (long after she was gone) every year when I pull out those wonderful, imperfect little ornaments.

Regardless of her circumstances, Anne shared her light with the world, she fought her battle with everything she had, and she left a noble legacy for her loved ones and friends.  Her example is an inspiration and a motivation to live my life mindful of the impact I have on those around me.