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Hi, this is Carol.  Today's update is about Micaela White, Anna's friend.  So many of you have been asking about her and I visited with Sharon, Micaela's Mom, at the hospital yesterday.

I'm not quite ready to write about how we're doing, but I will tell you that we continue to be incredibly blessed in so many ways.  In our sadness, we are leaning on our faith for comfort.  Thank you all for the mountains of love and support, which without, would make every day so much tougher.  

Today is "Day 27" out from Micaela's Bone Marrow Transplant.  The most critical period is Day 1 - Day 60.  "Day 101" will be the first big celebration!

Micaela is doing well and has had some very positive news.  The donor cells have grafted and her blood counts continue to rise.  There are extremely unpleasant, but normal, side effects. Micaela is a fighter and she is using every ounce of strength in her body to recover.  Micaela still needs blood products.  Every day, in addition to platelets, she is given 1-3 units of blood.  Hopefully this rough period ends soon and there's a good chance Micaela will be able to go home in a few weeks. 

Every day is a battle for Micaela.  Recovery from a transplant is extremely difficult and trying.  Sharon asks for all of us to continue praying for Micaela's strength, focus and spirit.  

Micaela is so looking forward to "Day 101", as we can only imagine.  She has big plans for the day - including a meal at her favorite restaurant.  She knows exactly what she will be wearing and she knows exactly what she will be ordering to eat!  

After Day 101, Micaela will continue her recovery.  We will continue to pray for her and her family.  Micaela and Anna have been very blessed by the same wonderful community.  The Holy Spirit is at work through so many special people.  There is a beautiful article in today's Texas Catholic.  

Please continue donating platelets and blood.  This need will continue indefinitely.  Check out the previous journal entry for the important details.  You may e-mail with any questions and you MUST e-mail her to be included on an approved list for the A negative platelet donations specifically for Micaela.  Carter Bloodcare Centers need ANY TYPE of blood and platelets - and Micaela can receive credit for any donation.

May God continue to bless all of you.

"But even when I am afraid, I keep on trusting you."  Psalm 56:3