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Platelet Request for Micaela Update with Answers to Questions

MICAELA WHITE IS IN NEED OF A- BLOOD PLATELETS! During the acceptance of the bone marrow - her blood type will switch from what she was O- to what the donor was (which we now know is A-). Evidently A- platelets are so rare that there are none in the Dallas area right now. They are flying some in from Houston to give to Micaela tonight! So, if you are A- (if you don't - please go get tested!) please donate platelets! It is about a two hour process - much lengthier than just giving blood.

To do this, you will need to call the Special Donations Department of Carter Blood Center at 817-412-5308, tell them what you want to do and then they will need to make you an appointment at one of their locations - not all locations do platelets. Give them Micaela D. White Carter blood donation number 050332 and that she is being treated at Children's Medical in Dallas Medical record #3192155.

Please give this gift to Micaela if at all possible!

Some facts:
  • If you have the A- and are willing to donate the platelets, please email Micaela's mom at​ She will need to add you to the acceptable donor list and get a form to you. Then you can call and make your appointment
  • Giving platelets is different than giving whole blood - just a clarification - because many are asking!
  •  Micaela will get credit either way - if you donate platelets or whole blood! 
  • For those of you outside of the DFW metroplex who wish to donate either platelets or blood for Micaela - you can do it at any blood donation center in your area. It won't immediately come to Micaela in Dallas, but at least it will be in the "bank" if we again need to call outside of the DFW area to get a supply! Any and all donations are appreciated by Micaela and her family and friends!!