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Angie’s Story

Angie was shot in her home on 10/19/12 by her recently ex boyfriend. He then shot and killed himself. Angie was transported to TCH in Wadena and was flown to HCMC. She was taken to surgery as soon as she was able. She has a large hole in her pelvic bone. There was damage to the bladder and this was repaired. They are still concerned about this but they state she will have a catheter in for an extended amt of time. There was an exit wound out her buttock and there is no rectal involvement. This is a very positive thing. There is a section of the vaginal wall that was repaired as well. There is metal shards as she was shot with a shotgun a point blank range. There is also bone fragments to worry about. She has a long road ahead.

Angie is in the ICU in HCMC right now. They are trying to control her pain at this time. Rose is the only one allowed in at this time. Her hand is ok but will be numb for sure. All fingers are viable right now. Continue to pray. She has a very long road ahead of her. She will be going in again Sunday for exploritory surgery to ensure they are getting all the metal and bone shards. Infection is a huge risk right now. She has many weeks of surgeries, hospitals and rehab ahead. Praise the Lord her life was spared! Zander is with Grandpa Dave. He will be having a counselor coming to the home to work with him. Adam and I have been putting him on the bus and we will continue with that or Grandpa can as well. Please pray for Erics family. He leaves behind his son Tyler (Jocelyn), Jordan and a grandaughter Kristen. Erics family has been though so much as we all know. We need to remember that they have seen horror before their eyes today as well. We are with a chaplen that is very nice here. You can continue to text us if you want updates and we will try to keep up. Otherwise I will keep this uopdated as well. Thanks for all your prayers.