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My Story


Home nurse said this week that this is as good as I am going to be for a while. I am not expected to make it to Nick's 40th birthday on April 23. That makes me VERY sad.

But it is good to know that I have to wrap up some loose ends sooner rather than later. And that I may have to let go of some things I wanted to do that aren't all tht important.

11.14.13: I if you'd like to send me a card (and get one in return!), just email me at ang2568 at hotmail and I will share my address with you!

October 2013:

This is a place for me and my family/close friends to share information with everybody who wants to follow what's going on with me and my winning the race to see what's after life.

This month, October 2013, I was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer and it has spread to my heart sac and liver. Doctor's best guess is "months." October 25, we find out if my cancer was caused by a genetic mutation (non-hereditary), and if so, I may qualify for a pill treatment that will give me a year or a little more (we hope).

I have appreciated EVERYONE'S offer of support and assistance, and trust me, I am not too proud to take advantage of those offers! I just don't need so much right now (or don't know that I do). But I will not hesitate to say, "Who can take me grocery shopping?" or "I'm having a really bad week, can someone come hang out with me and drink while I enjoy second-hand booze?"


Angela Nims posted a new journal entry, "Just so you all know".

I come to this site every day and love that you are still sending messages to her.  I wish I knew who sent her the tiara towards the end.  I wanted the person to know ... Read more

Jen signed Angela's Guestbook.

I was on Passive Aggressive Notes tonight and was just struck by the fact that Red is gone. I miss her commentary (at WaPo too), her jokes, her stories about her cats. I ... Read more

emfzlx/Amy signed Angela's Guestbook.

if i believed in an afterlife i'd be here tonight saying "hey, red, thinking of you, how ya doing?"  since i don't, I guess i'm here saying hi, angela's mom.  I haven't ... Read more

-muskrat signed Angela's Guestbook.

Dear Mom !  So very wonderful to see a note from you.  I was thinking of Angela a few weeks ago.  I was in a real funk:  so sick of my job; sick of insomnia; sick of ... Read more

Mom signed Angela's Guestbook.

Wapo friends:  I wish Angela was still issuing comments also.  Sometimes I think it can't be real that she's gone.  Maybe because it happened so fast.  Wanted you to ... Read more

Karen Dunnam signed Angela's Guestbook.

Looks like WaPo has lowered the paywall barrier, so I'm again enjoying my dose of Hax-Amy-MM-Heloise. And thinking about Red. Hugs to you, Peg, and all her friends, both ... Read more

starz at wapo signed Angela's Guestbook.

Dear Angela's Mom, Chad, and all loved ones,Was thinking about Angela this morning, and wanted to let you know that she is still missed, and always will be. I hope you are ... Read more

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