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Today I will trust that the events occurring in my life are not random. My experiences are not mistakes, and my God is not picking on me. I am going through exactly what I need to go through to learn something valuable, something that will prepare me for the future. My Journey began April 13, 2011 with the Diagnosis of Melanoma Skin Cancer, Stage 3.

For anyone that don't know me, my name is Angie Broussard and I am 41 years old. I have been married to my wonderful husband Edward for 17 yr, but together a total of 20 yrs and together we have 3 beautiful children, Kade is 16, Kaleb is 7 and Kaitlyn is 2. We also have a very special black lab that has been with our family for 15 years and her name is Lady.

My story began on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011. I had a mole on my lower left leg (behind the knee area) in which I needed to have checked out by a doctor. I will be honest, I had never once noticed this mole until after I had our little girl, Kaitlyn in 2008. So I made the appointment. That day has came. Me and my wonderful husband met at the dermatologist office, since I was planning on returning to work. The nurse called my name so we got up and followed her. Got into the room and answered the normal questions they ask you when you go to an appointment for the first time. She asked me if I had any family history of skin cancer. I told her, No. We went over the areas of my body in which I wanted the doctor to look at. I had 5 moles that I wanted him to look at. She handed me a print out that was explaining moles and what to look for and gave the different types of skin cancer. She walked out of the room and just then the doctor knocked. His name was Dr. Eaton.  He came in, introduced himself and also asked me if I had any family history of skin cancer. Again, No I don't. So I go on to show him those 5 moles.

When he got to the one that is located behind my left knee, he made a statement like "Oh this one has to come off today." On the print out the nurse gave me of what to look for in a mole, he asked me "Do you feel like you qualify for any of those pictures?" I said, "Please don't think I am crazy, but I do believe I fit type A description." He got the little booklet out again and started with the type A. He said yes you qualify for A. But you also qualify for B, C, D and E. I didn't know what to say.  So he explained to me about taking the one off behind my knee. Got the needle out, me not expecting to get a shot, and I am normally ok with them, but I thought behind my knee, ouch that is going to hurt. I said Do you mind if I lay on my stomach and have my husband hold on to my lower leg because I would hate for my leg to respond to that needle by kicking someone. He just laughed and told me it would be ok. :) He then gave me a shot of numbing medicine and took what I thought looked like a razor blade and removed that mole. It was really nice and neat. Kind of looked like maybe he only took off the first layer of my skin back there. He explained to us that he would send this on to pathology and when he got results he could contact me. Explained that it sometimes can take up to one week.  So all was good, he got it off and we left. I went back to work and my husband went back home.

I get to work, the very next morning and get to my desk. I don't think I had  clocked in yet or if I did, it was just minutes later my phone rang. The lady on the other end was like, Good Morning Angie, this is .... Dr Eaton's nurse. I wanted to call you and let you know that we got your results in from what Dr Eaton removed yesterday on your leg. I was like Ok..and she says, but you are gonna have to come back in to see the Dr in order for him to give you those results. At first, I thought wait...he told me about one week probably for results, but your calling me the NEXT DAY Wednesday, April 13, 2011, then I said Ok, so she scheduled me to come in that same day at 1:00. 

In the meantime, I called my supervisor and explain to her and told her I was going to take a late lunch and meet my husband back up at the Dr's office. She said that was ok. Seemed like next thing I remember, it was time to go. We get up there and the ladies at the front desk were super nice. She said, yall just have a seat and I will let them know you are here. The nurse called my name seconds later. We get to the back and she said, the doctor will be in shortly. Again, here he came knocking on the door lighting. He pulled up his rolling chair close to me and said he had received those results STAT. We are calling you back in today to explain to you, the mole in which I removed from behind your left leg came back from pathology as Melanoma Skin Cancer, Stage III. I also wanted to inform you that I am going to have to refer you to a Surgeon that specializes in Oncology. We discussed different locations as where we were going. We chose Concord, which is only about 15 minutes from here. 

As of today, Thursday, July 14, 2011, I am recovering from my 2nd surgery, one month ago on that leg. I will finish this story soon before I start my one year of Interferon Treatment, July 25, 2011. 


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I miss me some caringbridge. Working full time I haven't had time to update. I promise I will soon! Read more

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Kerry, Just wanted to check in with you and see how things were going with your 15 yr old son. I hate that he has to go through this. Donna....thanks for following me. ... Read more

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I'm very glad you are going to MD Anderson. I will let Freddie know what is going on with you. good new that Kade is here and has a job. PLease keep us posted. Love you ... Read more

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Just wanted to sign in real quick and say that MD Anderson in Houstonjjust called to get me scheduled. I will be going there On July 11th. Must be n office at 7:30 am to ... Read more

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