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Andy’s Story

Welcome! My name is Andy Tevepaugh, I am a 28 years old in stage five Kidney Failure  I am also newly engaged to my wonderful fiancee, Brittany. 

May 2,  2012- I went to Baptist Hospital with an infection of the eye. While in the ER they did blood work to see if the infection was in the blood stream. Then we were informed that my creatinine  and BUN numbers were sky high and sent red flags up. The Renal doctor on call ordered an ultrasound of my kidneys.That is when we were informed that both kidneys were smaller than average. I was admitted to the hospital with the infection of the eye and put on antibiotics.

May 3,  2012- We met with the Renal doctor and learned how drastic my life style was changing. I was diagnosed with Stage Five Kidney Failure Disease.

May 4,  2012 -We met with a Dialysis Nurse and  doctor  to discuss dialysis treatments and made a game plan. 

May 6,  2012 I was discharged from the hospital. 

Now I am waiting to start my dialysis treatments and be put on the transplant list.