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Andrew’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update


Christmas blessings to all of our friends and family! This marks the second year that I haven't sent out a  Christmas card with a picture of our three kids, but let's consider this our card of glad tidings and wishes for health and happiness in 2015. 

We had a major change for how Andrew receives one of his medicines. I use to give him two injections daily, now he is getting a pill twice a day and so far so good. He will have to get a weekly blood test for a few months which is no fun, but he was getting a monthly draw, and hopefully we can switch back to the once a month early next year. It is great news for Andrew not to be treated as a pin cushion. Each day as I would give Andrew his shot I would think of all the people who need to have injections day in and day out and be glad their medical issue can be managed but felt awful that they need to be put through shots daily.

The last two months have shown progress for Andrew, a lot of which I stated in the last blog.  Andrew is definitely gaining strength, his core muscles are activating more and more, his right leg is getting more control and can kick a soccer ball across the room!  We have really started working on his fascial muscles, mouth and tongue.  There has been a substantial amount of time dedicated to sticking out his tongue to lick candy canes. I have never considered your tongue to have strength, boy was I wrong.  Andrew has also been chewing gum which he really likes to do, everyone loves minty fresh breath! 

Andrew gets into quadruped nearly every day, his legs, hips and right arm are getting so much stronger. The left arm you have to brace, but weight is getting through his joints and sending the much needed signals to his brain.  When he gets back in his chair after a workout he is tired. All he needs is 5 minutes of rest and a banana and he is good to go.  I think we all are looking forward to a bit of a break with Christmas, he will definitely get on the mat and in the stander but then we will relax and enjoy the day.

We are grateful for all of Andrew's progress in 2014, we pray to God that his improvements multiply ten fold!  We pray that Andrew's brain continues to heal, that he stays healthy through the holiday season, that his left arm and leg move more and at his command, and that Andrew finds his voice in 2015! May you all be blessed with love and peace this Christmas and health and happiness in the New Year.

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5 Comentarios

John Noyes
Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 filled with more and more good progress for Andrew !
Boiler Up Andrew !!
God Bless !!
Lisa Persin
By Lisa Anne Persin
Many blessings this holiday season and thru 2015. Glad to hear such wonderful progress!!
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Georganna Hart
By Georganna Hart (Jenny Abatie's mom) Lake Papakeechie in Syracuse IN
Hello there Andrew! Wishing you and your family peace and special small moments together this Christmas! Thinking of you and praying for you and thanking you for always reminding me of what truly is important!
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By cindy wilson
Merry Christmas Fant's! May the Blessing of this Joyous Holiday fill your hearts with love and laughter. God Is Great!
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Doris Cwiakala
By Doris Cwiakala
Blessings to your family and continued prayers for amazing progress for Andrew in 2015.
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