Make Sure Andrew Is Not Alone This Holiday Season

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Therapy at home continues to amaze me, to see Andrew pull his head up without us even asking him throughout the day is pure joy. He even started turning his head to the right (mostly) and sometimes left when people come to talk to him. To the casual eye it just seems appropriate, we see successful motor planning and physical movement! We get on his belly nearly everyday, the last two days Andrew was able to hold himself up without his shoulders slipping down and needing me to readjust his stance. Which means his arms and shoulders are getting stronger.we continue to work on a million different things from playing Papa pear game on the Ipad, feeding himself, pinching and grasping, balancing, standing, moving his feet, tracking with his eyes, etc. By 4:00 we are both tired and ready for our workout to end.

With the weather finally getting nicer we have been able to go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air, I think it is a nice change for Andrew and we are all looking forward to shorts weather. 

We thank the Lord for all improvements big and small, we pray for continued improvement with Andrew's motor planning, reconnecting and rewiring pathways of Andrew's brain, for his physical and mental stamina, for fun in our daily workouts, for all our helpers, amen.