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Andrew’s Story

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Latest Journal Update

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  With each holiday I can't help but compare and contrast last year and this year.  Since eating is a big part of Thanksgiving my memories quickly turn to Andrew and the fact that he had just started eating food. He had mashed and sweet potatoes and my brother still reminds me that I "tried" to force feed Andrew pumpkin pie, when he clearly wanted the chocolate eclair cake. Needless to say, he got the chocolate eclair cake.  His other two meals every day were tube feed, Andrew struggled to swallow the food he was given and nearly every time he was given a drink he coughed...,a lot.  

Last week Andrew had his G-tube removed, he has been taking all of his food and medicine orally for four months. What a great day to remove the tube and clamp which last year was life giving and this year, it was just in the way.  Andrew will be able to eat every food on the Thanksgiving table this year, and he can shake his head yes and no so there will be no mistakes on what he would like to eat for dessert.  Andrew is getting so much better at feeding himself. The hardest part is getting the food on his fork, he has no problem bring his hand to his mouth. This is a very self motivating therapy, I have no doubt that he will greatly improve at the "stab and grab" of feeding himself.

Slow and steady Andrew's strength and muscle control improves. It is exciting to see muscles starting to fire which haven't worked in a year and a half. Just last  week Andrew started using his abs and arms to pull himself forward and push himself backward while sitting on the edge of the mat. Not huge movements but movements to build on and improve.

With the help of a straw Andrew was able to use it to blow out his birthday candle. He can now blow through the straw to blow bubbles, and can make music with a whistle and harmonica. We continue to work on blowing air through his lips without the assistance of a straw, in time it will come.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts and well wishes.  We greatly appreciate your continued support. We pray that Andrew's brain continues to heal, that he gains more strength and control over his body, that he will be able to verbalize his thoughts, and for all of his helpers, amen.