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Andrew’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update


Well, we made it through January without any major snow storms. Such a difference from last year when we were commuting to outpatient therapy daily, and had to cancel several times because the roads were shut down....other than a blood test Andrew has not left the house this month.  I know most people would have developed a major case of cabin fever, but Andrew just goes with the flow. As long as we work some comedy's  into his workout's he is pretty content to give us what he's got!

Andrew has been a bit more active while peddling his bike. About 6 to 9 months ago Andrew didn't actively participate while ridding the bike, it was all motor. Now he is generally at power 1 sometimes 2 and for a second powering at 3. It is small but at least consistently peddling.  This is one of the workout where he gets to watch a comedy. I figure laughing releases the endorphins and also good for the stomach muscles, so bring on the silly stuff for a good belly laugh!   We have really beefed up the amount of time Andrew sits on the side of the mat working on his balance and core strength. Fifteen minutes a day just isn't enough time, so we are spending 30 to 90 minutes a day. It seems to be working well and hope in a few weeks to see some results in the way of core strength!

Andrew's last p.t. Introduced up to graded mirror imagery. She actually took a box, glued a 12"x12" mirror to one sided and printed off some information on how to do this therapy.  I put Andrew's left hand(the one that doesn't move) in the box, Andrew's right hand is next to the mirror he can see the reflection of his right hand  and it appears that his left hand is moving. It tricks the brain into thinking he is moving his hand. I have Andrew pick up balls, poker chips, put stuff in cups etc. Today I asked Andrew to pick up the red ball and touch it to the mirror, then put it on top of the box. Boom, he does it no problem.  I then asked him to pick up the pink koosh  ball touch it to the mirror and put it on top of the box, again no problem.    One Purdue ball left and I ask him to do the same pattern again, perfect!  So what I saw was Andrew following commands correctly, manipulating the objects in his hand, stretching his arm away from his body to grab the balls, extending his arm to put the balls on top off a box! Way to go Andrew!  One other cool thing today was when we were getting dressed this morning he grabbed the stick of  deodorant off of his chest and was headed to his left armpit, I moved his left arm just in time so he could apply it. A small way we all take care of ourselves and this was the first time in 22 months that Andrew took the initiative to do it himself. Thank you God for all blessings big and small.

One of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa is "prayer with no action is no prayer."  We pray hard and we work hard, we thank you all for praying hard on Andrew's behalf.  We ask that Andrew's brain keeps healing and the new pathways and connections become stronger. Please pray for endurance, stamina, and lots of reasons to smile and laugh, amen.
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Kathryn and Bob Meyer
By Kathryn and Bob Meyer
... big smiles reading all the progress and grateful hearts for God's healing presence
... just imagining Andrew as he pedals away and laughing is a joy
Our prayers continue daily for the duration of this journey.
God's peace be with the Fant Family.
Dave Fant
By Dave Fant
Lynda. What wonderful news! The major accomplishments that he has made on his journey has been a true gift from God. May his angels continue to guide him and you as he continues to heal. Our prayers continue for you all.
Lisa Persin
By Lisa Anne Persin
What wonderful progress Andrew has made. The power of prayer. Keep up the intense workout Andrew !You have come so far.
Teresa Kroh
By Teresa Kroh
Reminds us all of how important the small things are and how we should give them praise. God be with you all and he will provide you with what you need.
Cheryl Samardzija
By Cheri Samardzija
yeaaaa--keep up the good work Andrew