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By Candida Stoutenborough — Jun 9, 2014 7:36pm
Dearest Roy, Deb, Emma, and Bo:  Life has not been an easy road for any of you.  You all have been put to the test with huge circumstances to deal with.  First, I am so happy to hear about Emma's clear scans.

Emma, you are on remarkable person.  You have endured more than anyone I know.  Your strength and perseverance through cancer was a huge mountain in front of needed to climb it, bike it, (whatever) to get over it.  And now you have shared with the community about your struggle all theses years that you are a transgender.  You had a mountain in front of you that was twice the size that none of us knew about...lets just say the alps) and you were trying to scale all that by yourself!

Now it is your time Emma.  You have clear scans and you have scaled the alps (without hurting yourself and coming completely unglued).  The strength you possess goes beyond what anyone can imagine.  It also tells me that you TRULY ARE very strong, smart, beautiful, talented, and I suspect you will conquer any challenge put before you.  I believe you are destined to do great things Emma.  You look so happy and at peace in the these pictures.

Peace, love, and blessings (as always)
Candy Stoutenborough
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