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  • Feb 25, 2011 2:50pm

    Yes, Your Mother said all the right words , and all I can do is cry for what should of been..... I know you are a beautiful smiling angel and until we meet again.......

    Forever In our Heart,

    Kathy Tatum

  • Jan 22, 2011 5:11pm

    Thinking of you this evening, I know you are one of God's angels. I still can remember you very clearly. You were beautiful!!! I think of you often and I guess you are on my mind this evening because I went to put flowers, a flag, and a hanging red heart on Joseph's grave. I think of you very often . You will remain "Forever In My Heart." 

    Love Kathy Tatum 

    Kathy Tatum

  • Feb 8, 2010 7:53pm

    Just stopping by to say that I will never forget you guys, I think of you daily and you will always remain in our hearts.

    Love Kathy & Michael

    Kathy Tatum

  • Jan 6, 2010 9:26pm

    My Dear Sweet Drea, just thinking of you and wishing you were here, tomorrow is the day you went to heaven with God, it is still so hard at times, i have shed many tears at work and different moments thinking how I wish you were here to be with your mom and dad, to see you growing along side your cousins, but I know your in a wonderful place looking down on us and giving us the stregnth to do the things we do, We love you and Miss you Dearly....Love Auntie Angie.

    Angela Greenidge

  • Aug 6, 2009 5:51pm

    Dear Adrienne i just read your story about your little angel omg i'm so sad to hear about your lost my prays go out to you and your family.
    There is no words to discribe your lost and once again from our family to yours we are sorry for your lost and I know your angel is in heaven looking down on you and one day you will join her as if she never left.
    If there is anything i can do please just let me know.
    Al Mayo 

    al mayo
    new york, NY

  • May 7, 2009 11:24am

    Hello adrienne,

    Just sitting here thinking of you & Andrea & family, Thinking about how much all that Andrea & Joseph went through and how we are all left with broken hearts, memories & what could have been. Just letting you know that you are thought of daily and remain in my prayers and even though Andrea is not physically here, I know you carry her with you in your heart, as I do Joseph. I will be thinking of you and I  know Andrea would want you to smile. The holidays are hard,and Mother's day is no exception. So, on Mother's day,Remember that a special little angel is smiling down on you. Happy Mother's Day.

    Forever In Our Hearts,

    Kathy Tatum

  • Mar 12, 2009 10:36pm

    I want you to know though we only talked briefly I think of you and your little angel every day. This year as I tried to help the school with the Jump Rope for Heart to raise money for the American Heart Association I told others of your Andrea and our Joseph. I told them that heart issues are the number one enemy of children. I also told them how to never take anything for granted and to hold their dear ones very close. I pray for you and your family every night. May God bless you all!


    Sarah Ulmer & family (Joseph Tatum's Aunt)

    Sarah Ulmer
    Powhatan, VA

  • Jan 8, 2009 11:28am

    Dear A and Reg,

    I know it has been a hard year, but I want you guys to know that you're on our minds daily, I could hardly believe it was that time already it still seems like she was just here. but as hard as it is I know she is in a much better and more peaceful place watching over us all and giving us the strength to make it through the tough times, after all she went through she is now passing that strength onto us. I often imagine how beautiful she was and Drea you are always in our hearts and will forever be cherished, Love Auntie Angie, Uncle Drew and your cousins Jaden, Jalen and Jasmine....

    Angela Greenidge

  • Jan 8, 2009 9:14am

    Dear Adrienne and Reggie,

    I am sitting here at my desk wanting to say something inspirational. Something to take away a little of the pain maybe even for just a second. I have read all of the other messages and they are all so beautifully written. Your mothers was hard to get through but so elegantly written. A, I see your beautiful face everyday and you are one of the best people I know and so I can only imagine Dreas strenght and beauty and courage. Every time I see you on my screen I think of her and wish I had been blessed with meeting her. She is always in my prayers as are you and Reggie.

    Always and forever your friend,



    Audrey Comer
    Long Beach, NY

  • Jan 7, 2009 10:34pm

    Adrienne and Reggie - it seems like just yesterday that Andrea left this world to become the Angel she was always meant to be. My prayer for you is that you will draw closer to Him as you struggle with the "whys" that we most certainly can never answer in this life on earth. May God grant you comfort and peace today and in the years to come. God bless you.


    Diane Metheny
    Mechanicsville, VA

  • Jan 7, 2009 7:54pm

    My dear daughter Adrienne and son Reggie, There isn't a minute in every day that I don't think or feel Andrea's presence. Today is the day that her body left us but to me her soul stays with me daily. I see her grow and be the little girl she was meant to be. She was going to be my little girl, I would do the things with her that I couldn't do with you, Adrienne. I dreamed of the day we would take a photo of the three of us, something that was so important to me because I am adopted.. I laugh with you as I think that the Mother Curse cannot be completed., but my wonderful daughter you will have all your dreams fulfilled and the spiritual presence of "drea" will always guide you to do the right thing. I thank you for the priveledge of holding my precious grand-daughter for the last hours of her life, for that will be the most precious and everlasting event of my life. Your strength and fortitude have given me a pride in you and an inspiration for my own life. I love you more than you can ever know, and I so wish that I could have in some way shielded you from this pain. Love to you Always, Mom

    Vicki Greenidge

  • Jan 7, 2009 12:25pm

    To Baby Girl: today my heart is heavy and filled with joy all at the sametime. I remember a year ago today exactly what i was doing and where I was when I learned you had gone home to be with our Lord. It is heavy because I am reminded that you are no longer with us and how much I miss you. But my heart is filled with a joy for you rest in Our Lords arms free of pain and with a fresh heart. I rest in knowing that you are now ok and well taken care of in Heaven. Love Auntie Crystal

    To A and Reggie:

    Remember her and love her always. But this pain will fade into something different that will make you stronger and better. She did not die in vain, live and go on with a "Drea" strenght, she would want that. There are so many lessons in the short life that she lived, learn from them all they will be revealed to you at just the right moment. She has taught me so much and grown me so much spiritually that I can really say that I am so blessed for my time spent with her. Keep Driving. That message has stuck with me from the minister and I have ministered it and up lifted others with it so many times since hearing it. So I hope that helps with your healing to know that her story and life is/has already helped so many that have never met her. Her life was not in vain know that. Be strong I am here for you for any and everything you are my family. Thank you so much for allowing me in your lives and meeting such a wonderful child. I consider myself highly blessed for knowing Andrea.

    Crystal James

  • Jan 7, 2009 12:01pm

    As I sit here and read your Mommys update , I know she is so right, You will remain "Forever In Our Hearts ," Michael & I share your Mommy & Daddys pain , and your whole family,& Nana Vicki , We know how you are feeling , We are right there with you .There is not a day that goes by that you are not thought of . We Love You all, and I know Andrea is a beautiful little angel charming everyone in Heaven .

    As Always,

    Forever In Our Hearts,

    Kathy & Michael

    & Family

    Kathy Tatum
    Burkeville, VA

  • Jan 7, 2009 9:23am

    today is the anniversary of the day you saw God's face for the first time... and so i'll celebrate your short lifetime with us (a joy and a blessing), your strength, and you standing at the gates of heaven (with your granddad). just know that mommy and daddy are forever in my prayers... and our bond will never be broken. i love you, sweet Andrea... and i know you are resting in perfect peace.

    love always... Auntie Joy~

    Joy Calloway
    Richmond, VA

  • Dec 24, 2008 7:13pm

    Be strong! We're still praying and holding you in our hearts. I know it's tough. Try to have a Merry Christmas I think Andrea would like that.

    Love to all,

    Sarah & family

    Sarah Ulmer
    Powhatan, VA

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