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  • As Summer Ends

    Written Aug 27, 2013 6:18pm by Andrea Bozzi

    Just quick update to my friends and family. I have no real updates, except that I continue to fight this disease. As my summer comes to a close, I have completed three additional rounds of chemo and have what I hope is the last on the horizon. I am scheduled to begin the last round the Tuesday after Labor Day. Upon completion and return of normal blood counts, I will have another bone marrow biopsy and hope for complete remission.

    My new goals are to head into the holidays healthy and support Eric through his last year of high school. It is amazing how time has gone by and I still find myself trapped two years ago. Eric has turned into a man in this time. I continue to be blessed with my amazing family. My husband, as you all know, is just a pillar of strength for me. He took Eric to every college visit, both near and far and the boy will hopefully settle on just a few choices. Alex continues to help us out and has returned to school now full time. I am appreciative of their sacrifices on my behalf.

    On an Andrea note, if full remission is not in the cards , do not despair. There is a plan for another clinical trial. I still get amazing support through my AML support group and once cleared for travel, I have a lot of people to meet. I still have Rome, but overseas is not looking like a short term plan, so instead I hope for Disney?? Since I will be on a chemo inhibitor for two years, I will have limited long range travel and none outside the US. So, Rome waits.

    I was able to visit the Padre Pio of Pietrelcina shrine in Barto, Penna with my cousin Laura. It was a very last minute trip that we wanted to do all summer, but since I never know how I will feel, she has been so flexible and today was the day it worked. A powerful experience and one I am grateful for. I love spending time with Laura and it was fantastic. 

    The holiday weekend will have family in town. My godfather will be in from Texas, my mom will be visiting and I likely will see my nieces and sister. I am also hoping to get cleared to see my cousins. My cousin Chris is rumored to be coming to town and I still owe him a personal thank you for his part in wanting to donate bone marrow. He may be the only cousin I have not seen since this  journey began, though often in my thoughts.

    I will keep you all posted once I get results of my biopsy which will likely be 4 weeks from now. Fingers crossed and by God's grace, His will be done.
    I will be walking in The Philadelphia Light the Night benefit for the LLS (leukemia/lymphoma society. Please visit my page. One dollar makes a difference. Funds go towards patients, not administration. 
    Be blessed. Peace, love and hope always,

  • Summer update

    Written Aug 1, 2013 7:20pm by Andrea Bozzi

    Hi all,
    I wanted to give a small update to everyone. 
    I had a fabulous vacation in July. My husband outdid himself and found the perfect beach home for me. It was on the beach and I had amazing views from every window and porch, so despite my limits on being on the beach, I enjoyed the sights and sounds 24/7. The ocean and surf are so powerful, yet so incredibly soothing. I cried tears of joy at the moment I walked in to the home. I truly never believed i would get back, but God is good to me. Having family and especially my beautiful children & nieces (and second son Nick) was such a wonderful distraction. For many moments I completely forgot leukemia. I played good old fashioned board games, watched them construct a 1000 piece puzzle and even made it to the Wildwood boardwalk if only for a short while before exhaustion set in and Alex found her escape route.
    i am continuing chemo treatment despite my counts never fully recovering. The theory is to keep hammering away at this and then get into a full recovery mode. I did ask if going back to work is an option. It would be, if I did not interact with the public apparently. Since I am on an inhibitor, my counts won't fully recover for perhaps a year or longer, keeping me at risk for bacterial infection. So, the best laid plans......though my doc promised to re-asses since she says I am a very tough patient. I suppose I should just continue with the long term plan of cure.
    otherwise, I feel pretty good. Certainly much better than even 6 months ago. I suffer from a neuropathy and have difficulty walking, but we are working through medication dosing to aid that.
    That's all for now. I remain hopeful that I will beat leukemia in the long run. Failure is not an option. Be well, be blessed.
    peace, love and hope,
  • What a difference a year makes

    Written Jul 15, 2013 4:30pm by Andrea Bozzi

    All, Despite knowing better, I went back to the past. What a year. Last year this time I was heading south. God had different plans for me and here I am still fighting the beast. 
    I am currently waiting for my counts to recover, so I can get another round of chemo -woohoo. 
    I  will have two more rounds before having another biopsy. The hope is the biopsy will be PCR negative. 
    The side effects of my medication can be bad. I now have foot and hand syndrome. Constant tingling in hands and feet and severe heat sensitivity. I think I am getting something new to help. My appetite is terrible, but it has done wonders for my waistline. My legs are like pencil sticks. I assume one day, I will have an appetite and be able to enjoy a glass of wine. Until then, enjoy food for me and toast me while you are out. I long to go out, but the white blood counts control my life for now. I have a cold that seems to be lasting forever.
    Overall, I am ok. I will be heading on vacation very soon. I am excited. I willowy the pictures. I did finally color my hair, not much I can do with the curly locks though. So, if you see some lady walking on the beach, completely covered, with a hat -it's me!! 

    be well. Peace.

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