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  • I have relapsed

    Written Jan 22, 2014 7:14am by Andrea Bozzi

    To so many of you that's still follow the Caring Bridge Site, I want you to know that my situation has changed. I have relapsed. The leukemia decided to come back last week.
    I have already been to Penn and depending on why this has decided to come back, will determine the treatment plan. We are hoping that if I begin some kind of treatment, this will reverse and I will head back into remission, however, if the mutation is back or perhaps re-mutated into another form, then I will be looking at a miracle in the form of clinical trial. I will know more details Friday. I could either begin a trial here soon or perhaps go to Dallas -I prefer here.
    You have known me to fight now for almost 20 months and I am swinging. I am still home and hoping I can do much as an outpatient. If I have to get admitted, then so be it, but I prefer home recovery, even though I love my nurses.
    I am disappointed. I do not want to be sick, obviously, but I also know that it is necessary to continue battling this disease. 
    As I learn more, I will update this site. Until then, prayers of hope, peace and love is what I share with you all.

  • On the eve of New Year's Eve

    Written Dec 30, 2013 6:51pm by Andrea Bozzi

    I just wanted to give a quick update for so many of you that continue to pray and follow my progress. 

    The last few weeks have been slightly complicated. I keep expecting things to settle down, but it seems there is always a hurdle, roadblock or something to overcome. I am NOT complaining. So many people have it worse than me and I am grateful that I am blessed to be home and surrounded by love. Many of my comrades are going through tough times and we are all supporting each other through our challenges. I am grateful to have a strong support group.

    I am still in remission - woo hoo! I did however start on a path with gut GvHD (graft vs. host disease) that spiraled out of control and I lost 20-25 lbs. I have now dodged being put in the hospital a couple of times and I am grateful my physicians trust me. I have gained a pound back. I have been cleared for major intestinal issues, so its just a matter of regaining weight and controlling the disease, which is NOT easy. It is easier to lose weight, than gain weight, trust me. I am on high calorie milkshakes and am expected to maintain 3000+ calories per day - that's a lot.

    I feel ok. I keep waiting to say I feel great -every day. I expect that to happen this year. I was warned this was a long term issue, but wow, talk about expectations. I was cleared this week to start working with a personal trainer to get stronger. I lost all muscle mass, so his goal will be to help me look like I have muscle under the skin and regain strength - I will just need patience.

    I wish you all a happy, healthy New Year and I mean that sincerely. I thank you for continuing to think about me and pray for me. Your support has been paramount. This Friday, January 3, 2014 will mark my one year anniversary of my bone marrow transplant. It represent me moving forward to year two. I wish I felt better -I would throw a party, but for now, I just need a little more time.

    Bless you all. Be well.
    Peace, love and hope always,

  • FLT3 Negative

    Written Nov 8, 2013 3:49pm by Andrea Bozzi

    I rec'd word this afternoon on the final testing. The FLT3 mutation that made my leukemia so aggressive was still around after transplant, hence we  added a few rounds of chemo as you all know.

    Initially, the biopsy came back indeterminate for the mutation so it was sent again. Today, the results came back that I am flt3 negative. A blessing.

    This is just added assurance to me that God has a plan for me in this world, unfulfilled. I will continue to work through my physical issues, get stronger, get immunized and then re-emerge stronger from this experience.
    Peace, love and hope always,

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