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Grace Like Rain

Amber continues at her pace, loving and caring for her son as any mother might, and watching Bailey grow and carry on in life. It's just a super special blessing for her to be able to do so.  Bailey, on the other hand, is getting big!  He is wrapping up Kindergarten and is now starting to show an interest in various sports.  If only it would get warm outside!

RealerThanReal continues to do well as it is now closing in on 200 book reviews on Amazon, not to mention those on other sites like iBooks,Barnes & Noble, Good Reads,etc.  And it should also hit 7,000 Facebook 'Likes' sometime this week.  That's a lot - the largest bank chartered in Nebraska doesn't have that many.  So, we know the Spirit is carrying Ryan's work to a number of people and we also hope RealerthanReal is helping them find God's hope, love and grace.

Monday is the 36th anniversary of Shelly’s and my first date.  Silly, some may add, but it is not to us.  I remember it well.  She wore a white top with red pants, and the date was packaged with my friend and her friend who were on the ‘blind’ version of that evening.  In a light rain (grace?) we went to a movie and then dinner at Coco’s on West Dodge – just block from where I work today.  Later, it was back to her folks’ home where we all played air hockey in the lower level. A West Omaha girl and a South Omaha Boy, who ‘da thought?

Yet with sadness I want to share with you that Kristi – yes, that same ‘Kristi’ whom God brought into my life as a Southwest Airlines flight attendant in 2010, who is also mentioned in Ryan’s book and the one who prayed with me over the phone that night from miles away – lost her son suddenly last week.  This time it was Shelly and I on the phone praying with her.  The service was held in a large Arizona church and as pictures of her son flashed on the overhead, the original recording of Shelly singing ‘Goodbye for Now’ at Kayla’s service nearly 10 years ago, played throughout the sanctuary.  I was shocked to learn her son was 29, the same age as Amber is today.  Please, please keep this family in your prayers and that Kristi would feel Jesus Christ holding her right now.


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Jennifer Krupa
By Jennifer (Jenny Campbell) Krupa
I remember that first date and was privileged to be a part of your beginning! I love you both and no matter how far apart we are, every time we speak or see each other it's as if No time has passed!
I am so very sorry to hear of Kristi's sons passing. I will remember her and the family in my prayers.
I'm thankful that God is using you both to be a comfort to others as they have been that comfort to you in your time of need.
God Bless you both everyday and hugs to Amber, Bailey, Ryan and Jenny.
Julie Parker
By Julie Parker
Love Love Love to hear about your first date, while mixing in the reminiscence of old Omaha landmarks, and to hear that Amber and Bailey continue to thrive, and I will not take offense to the 'knock' on my employer. ;) Truly, it gives me hope for the world. I love that you refer to yourself as an S.O.B., as that is how my dad refers to himself and other boys from South Omaha. I'm unbelievably sorry for Kristi......more proof that God put you into each other lives for a reason. She will be, and your family will continue to be in my prayers.
Lee & Wilma Gamblin
By Wilma for Lee & Wilma Gamblin
The special times of your life are very important and NOT silly!!!! Our first date was a blind date (now we both wear glasses ;) and married nine months later on 8-3-58!!! We are so happy God has helped us to come to this point!!! God is good and we both love the other!!!............Thank you so much for keeping us posted on Amber and the family!!! Praise the Lord for every progress and it seems she has come so far!!!! ..............We will be praying for Kristi in the loss of her 29 year old son!!! Your heartbreak was your 15 year old Kayla right after our 34 year old son on Good Friday ten years ago. We have prayed for your family ever since and so thankful for caringbridge........I just want to say that God was and is our strength in life and the prayers took us through our heartbreak. Of course we do miss them until we meet again in HEAVEN!!! What a day that will be.....Thank you, Jesus......Our love to you each and all, including our wonderful friend Dolores!!!! Blessings and we will keep the prayer coming.....I am still sharing our two books we got!!! I pray that it will be a blessing to all who read it and a praise to our wonderful Lord!!!
Vicki Mills
By Vicki Mills
I still have the anniversary of our first date on the calendar ;) It was 35 years on Jan. 30.

Good news about Realer than Real!

So sorry to hear about Kristi's son :( I will keep them in my prayers!

Love, Vicki
Kym Winchester
By Kym
Many prayers for Kristi and her family, I know she is a very special soul.

I love the story of your first date-I just don't know how the years can go by so quickly? Aren't we all still so young? (cricket sound, cricket sound.....) what a blessing the love you share has been. And also an inspiration to so many!

Thank you for the update! Tell Bailey to quit growing so dang fast! Hugs to Amber, she is simply amazing!! xoxo