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Hope Lives, 10 Years Later and Forever

God is sooo good.

Amber continues to make gains in walking.  As a matter of fact, she seems determined everyday to walk farther, carry things or do whatever - without the aid of anybody or anything.  Remember awhile back when she found she could hold herself up and walk with only the help of a shopping cart?  Now it's like "Forget the cart, I'm going to walk down the isles and carry a few things back to the cashier!"  No wheelchair, no walker, and now, no grocery cart.... God is still at work here.

Bailey continues to amaze.  He is learning so much and loves his school and classmates so much!  He is tender, kind, loving and sensitive.  I took him to a park last Sunday and it was such a blessing to me.  I watched him play, climb and swing.  I watched him strike up conversations and help other kids do this and that.  Almost every night when I come home he wants to show me his work from school that day and it always makes me realize my blessings as many grandfathers often don't see their grandchildren more than 3-4 times a year.  It's just one example of why Shelly and I tell people we feel so blessed and how God can bring love and hope out of the storms in life.

In several weeks it will have been 10 years since Kayla went home to be with the Lord and it was about 10 years ago I started to retain a large collection of cards and notes, newspaper articles and so forth that people sent us.  I always thought I would look at these things constantly, but the truth is - it's been too hard - too hard until a month ago when I started going through piece by piece, looking at them all over again.  That has allowed me to cry a lot, but also remember the love POURED out on us.  To the Elkhorn classes of 2004, 2005 and 2006... I don't know where all of you are now, but we love you and to this day, love every time we hear from you.  I'm always happy each time we run into you on Facebook, in the store, or wherever.  This entire community and people everywhere have touched our family in many ways and keepsakes will always be keepsakes to us.  Always.