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Amber’s Story

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Latest Journal Update

November 5th

So tomorrow is four years since Amber's accident.

Is she a little emotional?  Sure.  Does she feel blessed?  Sure.  Does she appreciate life even more?  Who could go through that and not?  The person who has really changed is Master Bailey... in going just a few weeks before the age of three, to being almost seven, he is already becoming a leader.  Just tonight Shelly was telling me of a conversation with him and I couldn't believe the maturity of his thought; his questions.  Where he hasn't changed is his heart.  My goodness - it's so much like Kayla.

I am still asked how Amber is doing - by someone - almost everyday.  Here is the best way to describe Amber progress, and I believe the brain has three primary functions:

1.  It comprehends.  We read and the brain dissects this information; does something with it.  It still learns from education and experiences, and it knows how to enjoy life.  It embraces our children, cares and loves.  In this regard Amber is functioning at a very high level, perhaps (now, anyway) at 100% of where she was four years ago tonight.

2.  It remembers.  Memories are precious, aren't they?  Well, usually they are!  This is so key for all of us and in this area Amber is probably at 80-90% of where she was previously.

3.  For Amber, the TBI  leaves it mark most on her physical ability.  We are sooo thankful that she can walk without an aid, feed, bath and clothe herself.  This is not as it was before, however, because it's not easy for her.  She doesn't complain.

But I'm so happy these three things are not turned around!  Praise God for answered prayer!  A friend always told me early that she thought Amber would get to "100%," and as far as I'm concerned, that prayer has been answered by what I see in # 1 and #2... her personality is preserved as is her ability to communicate and continue raising her son.  It's unabated and we are so thankful for these things!