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Amber’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

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Bear With Me

From Realer Than Real....

"It was minutes before 8 . - the start of Amber's scheduled work shift - November 5, 2010 [5 years ago today - Craig], and Amber was just a few blocks away from Peel's Salon Services, the full time sales job she held to support herself and Bailey.  Amber had just dropped off Bailey at daycare.  She now sat in her black Ford Explorer at a southbound stoplight, first in line, waiting for her signal to turn green.

More than 400 feet to Amber's left  - according to several eyewitnesses - a 47,000-pound dump truck loaded with broken concrete barreled westbound in Amber's direction at 40-45 mile per hour when its light turned yellow.  A certified accident reconstructionalist later testified that the truck had twice the distance needed to make a safe stop.  But the driver did not brake; instead, he revved his engine and accelerated to to beat the light, leaving in his wake a thick black plume of exhaust.  With more than a football field's length to cover during the 3.7 second yellow signal, the truck now had no chance of safely clearing the crossroads.  The truck was at least 150 feet short of the intersection and still hurtling toward Amber at top speed when its light turned red."

But even as badly as she was hurt, just look at the picture at the top of this page!  You can praise God with us, just as Amber was doing when she called last night at 9:00 p.m., needing to talk about November 5th with her father.  She spent the entire time saying what God has done in her life since that awful day, how He has awoken her more spiritually, how she went from three different hospitals to our last home and then to this one.  She reminded me of all of the happy things Bailey Michael has done in going from 2 to 7 years old, and now on the brink of his 8th birthday.  God has taken her from being comatose for 22 days, to being moved around via an upside-down parachute, to a wheelchair, then a walker - to walking!  She has gone from not feeling very special to having a man come into her life who makes her feel very special.

The conversation she had last night with Bailey just before bedtime was just as special.  This young man has maturity - both in his IQ and and spiritual walk - like I have not seen in years.  He will make an absolutely awesome husband and father some day, as I feel the Lord has molded him in a special way.

So thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us praise today, and for all you have shown our family these past 5 years.  Thank you for the angels you have placed around us and for the body of believers you have had praying over us.

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Mary Kay Hennings
By Mary Kay Hennings
So, so much in five years...the bad...and the good. Praise God!
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Mary Busch
By Mary Busch
Amber is a miracle and a testament to God's power in our lives.
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Kent Julian
By Kent Julian
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Liz Shaffer
By Liz Shaffer
What a testament to Jesus! We rejoice with all of you acknowledging just how magnificent a God we serve!
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