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Amber’s Story

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Latest Journal Update

Difference Makers

We first met them this month, 15 years ago, courtesy of our good friends and neighbors, Dean and Kerri.  We had a home under construction in 2000 and were planning to sell our existing one in Summerwood when the Thompsons introduced us to Ty and Terri Schenzel, who too, were looking to make a move.  Dean and Kerri thought the Schenzels may be interested in our place - the same home Ryan mentions in Realer Than Real.  They went on to find another home, but a friendship grew from there as it did for many in the Omaha community with the Schenzels, who grew their ministries at both Lifegate and Waypoint Church, but in the middle of those the Schenzels are probably best known for founding The Hope Center for Kids in North Omaha.  Shelly took Kayla to The Hope Center to volunteer on occasion.

They were there to help us through losing Kayla in 2004 and they were there again in 2010.  Amber, who was attending Lifegate at the time, was teetering on this this side of eternity in the days after the accident.  The Schenzels prayed next to her side, as did a number of Omaha leaders during the time, and this particular day we leaned on the gifts in Mark 6:13 and James 5:14.  Shortly thereafter Amber opened her eyes for the first time and seemed to turn the corner. True story.

Yesterday morning we learned Ty and Terri had been called into Heaven.  What a loss for the Omaha community!  Social media has been lit up with the news and many people paying honor to Ty and Terri's work for the Lord.  Another couple, not to be forgotten, were also in the vehicle with the Schenzels.  Ryan Hrubes went home, too, while his wife, Emily was spared.  Things I will not forget about Ty and Terri are... I just don't ever remember seeing them apart, yet I will always remember their enthusiasm for the Lord's work being irrepressible.

I know we have the age old question, "Why do these things happen?"  First, you have to know Satan is the prince of this world (John 14:30).  I tell people, "if not, why in the temptation of Christ, would the devil offer Him the all of the kingdoms of earth?" (Matt 4:8-9, Luke 6:6-7).  Please note the word 'all.'  But God will usher in His kingdom at the appointed time, and that's really 'home' to us.  In the meantime, He will pick up pieces from the enemy's attack and He will bring good from it; of that I am confident.  Through this tragedy He will bring new souls to faith in Jesus Christ and He will raise up new leadership in the ministries Ty and Terri touched.  Their children will be stronger and their grandchildren will also be strong, and the Schenzel legacy in serving the Lord, will certainly live.