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Amber’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Much to be Thankful

Amber's wedding plans continue ahead towards mid-year, best summed up by saying there will be many of the traditional things found at a wedding, yet it will be a nontraditional wedding.  Confused?  I have been given the chance to see her in the wedding dress and really don't know how she could have picked out anything more beautiful.  To see her and Shelly plan this together is really an awesome thing for me to behold, and another tribute to the glory of God for bringing Amber this far.

Shelly and I will have some time today with both, Bailey and Poppy, which makes it a very special Sunday!  At the age of eight, Baily Michael's interest in sports is exploding at this point - he collects all kinds of baseball and football cards, has a favorite jersey number, and is getting into statistics!  Yesterday he scored two baskets for his basketball team, which actually tied for the individual lead.  After the second basket, he took a moment before running back down the court to stop where I was sitting on the sideline to give me a high five.  And at a Parent-Teacher conference last week, Amber was told he excels at reading and math.  He apparently wants to share everything with his classmates.

Poppy, too, holds keys to our hearts.  She is growing, cooing, smiling, and I am convinced - can't wait for each time she sees me. :)  And once Grandma Shelly gets her hands on Poppy - you can't wedge a spatula between them.

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connie grigsby
Ah! What a wonderful way to start a Monday! God is so extravagant in His love for us--and it's so evident that your cups are so overflowing with His gifts. He makes such beauty beyond our wildest imaginings. I love it all. Thank you for keeping us updated. It has been a marathon for your family, and you are running stronger than ever. It reminds me of that article in Saturday's sports section: Keep pounding. Your family has kept pounding and you are a testimony to all of us. So thankful to Jesus. Great things He has done!.
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Vicki Mills
By Vicki Mills
Yes, much to be thankful for! Isn't it great that we, as Christians, know a miracle when we see one :) So happy to hear about Amber, Bailey, & Poppy! I can tell you're really enjoying your grandchildren. You're very blessed to have them so close so you can spoil them :)
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Lee & Wilma Gamblin
By Wilma & Lee
So nice to see your post this pleased the Lord is blessing your family abundantly. God's wonderful miracle of LOVE all the way around!!! Blessings as the plans for the upcoming wedding are carried out and then THEIR big day in 2016!!! May God continue to bless every moment.......
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Martha Behm
As I read this post, my eyes welled with tears of joy for Amber - what a miracle she is! Couldn't be happier for her!
Then I smiled as I read about Bailey and Poppy. Isn't being a grandparent the absolute BEST?! Bailey is the glue that held your family together during a difficult time, and Poppy is the frosting on the cupcake. So happy for your family.
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Barb O
By Barb O
I am so happy for Amber and your family. I'm sure the girls are having so much fun planning every little detail of the wedding. Amber will be a beautiful bride.
Way to go Bailey! Keep up the good work! He is such a cute little boy and he is growing up too fast.
I'm sure little Poppy is adorable and developing her own little personality. Wonderful memories for all of you. Enjoy every second!
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