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Amber’s Story

Amber was in a car accident on Friday, January 13, 2012 near Telluride. She is currently in Portland, Oregon at her parent's home recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury.

This website will update family & friends on her recovery. If you wish to visit Amber, please text Trudy at 503 312 6609 she will return your call to arrange a time.

Amber was involved in an car accident Friday night about 9 pm 1/13/12 while traveling home from Telluride.

We are still unclear on the details of the accident. We know that Amber lost control of her car and crossed into the oncoming lane. The impact was on the front passenger side of her car. Everyone in the other car suffered minor injuries.

Thankfully, the other car had OnStar leading to a quick response time for such a remote area.

Amber was air lifted to St Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction,CO.

Her parents, Trudy and Brad, arrived at the hospital Saturday night and will continue to send updates.

Amber spent a week in ICU and then was moved to the Neuro floor.  She continues to progress in her recovery.  Each day there is something new but we believe the journey will be long . Her family is at her side everyday and is providing love, encouragement, and support. Friends are visiting and are welcome.  Amber needs all the support she can get.  

Amber suffered a injury to her left little toe which is being treated.  We think it was burned and took a while to present and is the only remaining external injury to heal. Once on the mend we are hoping Amber can be moved to Kindred Hospital in Denver. Depending on  her progress there is a possibility to go to Craig Hospital.  Time will tell. 

Tuesday March 13, Day 61,  Amber moved to Kindred Hospital in Denver.  It was evident to her family that something very positive happened during the long ambulance ride.  Amber's alertness greatly increased. The rate of Amber's progress has very much improved.  She is beginning to vocalize.  Her motor functions are improving a bit each day.  She is tasting real food in very small amounts. Each day we see small but steady improvements. 

Monday April 9th. Amber moved to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Co.  Now her recovery will focus on rehabilitation. Speech, Physical, and Occupational therapy will center her days activities.  She will also receive encouragement, training, help, love, and recovery support from a long list of others.

May 1st, 2012 Amber is making great improvement. Talking, smiling and laughing. Her body is gaining strength with each passing day.

June 4th, 2012.  Recover is steady. Baby steps is the norm.  Each day she is getting a little stronger and adding new skills to her mastery list.  She is doing well enough to meet her target discharge day of June 13th.  She will be moving into a Craig apartment with her parents for two additional weeks before flying home to Portland, Oregon June 27th.  Amber has a lot of rehab in her future but she is now home at last. 

August 17, 2015.   Recovery is progressing very well.  Her right side has woken up and she has been making good progress since December 2014.  Amber has a busy schedule each week which includes; PT, OT, Pilates, Yoga, Message, Swimming, Singing and Piano. Other sesonal activities enclude;  Sit skiing, Bike riding (on a side by side 2 seat bike) Camping and just getting out and about with life.

Latest Journal Update

Highlights of 2013 and the Beginning of 2014

Highlights of 2013 and the Beginning of 2014

This last year was very busy learning to enjoy life and yet getting back to our new normal. Her medical benefits were all exhausted even before the year began. No PT, OT, or Speech Therapy. It left us feeling on our own and wondering how to support her rehabilitation needs without feeling like it is all about constant therapy. So we explored our options and found great resources in our community.

Adaptive Skiing and Kayaking:

Amber had an amazing ski lesson with Oregon Adaptive Sports, OAS, at Mt Bachelor in March. The whole family went and it was an important moment...getting her back on the slopes. We also took part in a day of Kayaking with OAS during the summer at Elk Lake. We are hoping to do more in 2014.

For 2014, Amber received another scholarship with OAS for about 15 lessons.  We’ve been up to the mountain twice already; she is tearing it up on the slopes.

In February, we are going back to Telluride to ski with their adaptive program. We can’t wait to see Zach and Mosely, and all of her many friends. 

Sister's Wedding:

Amber's sister Rachael got married to Sean Kramer in May 2013. Amber, her brother Brain, and sister Heather were all part of the bridal party. It was a beautiful wedding, held at the Oregon Golf Club. Zack came out from Colorado to be with Amber and our family.


We started going to the local pool in the spring. They have a swim session called healing waters. A life guard is in the pool helping people achieve their fitness goals. The pool is warmer than most of the public pools which makes the experience easier. We go twice a week.

Trip to Telluride & Rico May 2013:

Last May we drove out to Telluride and Rico to pack up Amber’s home and to see Zach & Mosely. We saw all of her friends and had a wonderful time. It was goodto get Amber back for a visit. We went to visit the emergency room and fire department to meet some of the people who cared for her; it was a teary reunion. We had a lovely time in Rico and had lunch with all of her friends.

Father’s Day at the Beach:

We spent a wonderful weekend at Cannon Beach and saw the Sandcastle Building Contest. It was our first time getting Amber down on the sand. We purchased a three wheel hand cycle and converted it to an off road trike. It worked great on the Beach.


When you have a mountain girl in the city, it time to get her outdoors and enjoy the sites.

Our first trip was down to Manzanita for the fourth of July we camped for 10 days at the state park. After that we had several  camping trips in Oregon: Belknap Hot Springs, Crater Lake, Kah-Nee-Ta Warm Springs, and Fort Steven’s State Park. In Washington we camped at Sol Duc Hot Springs in the Olympic National Rainforest.


We took Amber on a cruise in August to Alaska on Holland America. The whole family got to go as well as Grandpa Allan and Gerrie, and Grandma Cynthia.

In the Fall:

Amber started Pilates at Pacific Northwest Pilates with Ishbel. She goes once a week. We can see a big difference in Amber’s strength especially on her right side.

She also started singing lessons with Sarah who comes to our house. It’s a lot of fun and she remembers a ton of songs.


We are excited for 2014, we are going to continue to do more and just try to get out there and enjoy life. I have an amazing family; they are such a source of strength, commitment, and love. We are blown away by our friends and work families as they continue to be there for us. Thank you all!


Much love,

Trudy, Brad, and Amber

And the Kenyon Family