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Amber was in a car accident on Friday, January 13, 2012 near Telluride. She is currently in Portland, Oregon at her parent's home recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury.

This website will update family & friends on her recovery. If you wish to visit Amber, please text Trudy at 503 312 6609 she will return your call to arrange a time.

Note: The donation request here is for CaringBridge, but is not connected to Amber or her family. Amber's donation account is at Wells Fargo.


 A family expense support fund has been set up through Wells Fargo Bank.  Donations can be made at any branch.  Just ask the teller for the "Amber Kenyon Donation Fund".  Be sure it's the "Donation Fund"  or you will have a problem.  If they ask for an account numbers or other account information they are looking at the wrong screen.  If the teller cannot help you ask for a Manager.

Amber was involved in an car accident Friday night about 9 pm 1/13/12 while traveling home from Telluride.

We are still unclear on the details of the accident. We know that Amber lost control of her car and crossed into the oncoming lane. The impact was on the front passenger side of her car. Everyone in the other car suffered minor injuries.

Thankfully, the other car had OnStar leading to a quick response time for such a remote area.

Amber was air lifted to St Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction,CO.

Her parents, Trudy and Brad, arrived at the hospital Saturday night and will continue to send updates.

Amber spent a week in ICU and then was moved to the Neuro floor.  She continues to progress in her recovery.  Each day there is something new but we believe the journey will be long . Her family is at her side everyday and is providing love, encouragement, and support. Friends are visiting and are welcome.  Amber needs all the support she can get.  

Amber suffered a injury to her left little toe which is being treated.  We think it was burned and took a while to present and is the only remaining external injury to heal. Once on the mend we are hoping Amber can be moved to Kindred Hospital in Denver. Depending on  her progress there is a possibility to go to Craig Hospital.  Time will tell. 

Tuesday March 13, Day 61,  Amber moved to Kindred Hospital in Denver.  It was evident to her family that something very positive happened during the long ambulance ride.  Amber's alertness greatly increased. The rate of Amber's progress has very much improved.  She is beginning to vocalize.  Her motor functions are improving a bit each day.  She is tasting real food in very small amounts. Each day we see small but steady improvements. 

Monday April 9th. Amber moved to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Co.  Now her recovery will focus on rehabilitation. Speech, Physical, and Occupational therapy will center her days activities.  She will also receive encouragement, training, help, love, and recovery support from a long list of others.

May 1st, 2012 Amber is making great improvement. Talking, smiling and laughing. Her body is gaining strength with each passing day.

June 4th, 2012.  Recover is steady. Baby steps is the norm.  Each day she is getting a little stronger and adding new skills to her mastery list.  She is doing well enough to meet her target discharge day of June 13th.  She will be moving into a Craig apartment with her parents for two additional weeks before flying home to Portland, Oregon June 27th.  Amber has a lot of rehab in her future but she is now home at last. 


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