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Amanda’s Story

From  (September 2, 2013)

A woman was critically injured and a horse was killed after a vehicle struck the horse late Sunday in Paradise Township.

Amanda Mattern, 37, of Mountville, suffered head injuries in the crash, and was taken to Lancaster General Hospital for treatment, where she was listed in critical condition Monday morning.

Also taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries were Brian Mattern, 41, of Mountville, and two girls, age 6 and 9, who all were riding in the same vehicle.

According to state police, Brian Mattern was driving a 2004 Honda minivan west on Route 30, just east of Black Horse Road, around 11:30 p.m.

Police said Mattern didn't see a horse running loose, heading east, on Route 30 in the same lane, and the minivan struck the horse head on.

The horse hit the front of the minivan and crashed through the passenger side of the windshield, where Amanda Mattern was sitting, before coming to rest partially inside the vehicle.

According to police, the horse had broken away from a nearby gathering of Amish as the owners were trying to hitch it to their buggy.

A road crew from Paradise Township extricated the horse from the minivan before the vehicle could be towed away.

Route 30 was closed in both directions at the scene until the cleanup was completed.

Latest Journal Update


From Brian:  There have been a few things going on with Amanda recently, so I wanted to provide an update, especially for those who don't see us on a regular basis.  After several months away from any specialists, Amanda has had some testing done with the Neurologist, Neuropsychologist, and Orthopedic doctor over the last few weeks.  Amanda has been on a plateau for awhile with regard to her improvement.  As mentioned before in previous posts, she still gets very tired on a daily basis and needs to take naps in the afternoon.  The effects from her brain injury still linger, but get much more amplified when she gets tired.  The ability to do things quickly, efficiently, and in a comprehensive manner remain difficult for her.  Examples are writing, reading, tasks around the house, sifting through paperwork, communication, and working as a dental hygienist.  Current suggestions from the doctors include exercising to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, taking vitamins, and using computer programs and reading exercises to increase brain function.  It is just very frustrating with how long it takes for the brain to heal and we don't know if it will ever heal completely.  She has been having pain in her shoulder for awhile now, which is why she saw the Orthopedic doctor.  She had an MRI done which revealed some tendonitis which can be treated with therapy, so she will be starting a six week treatment to see if that helps.  If not, she will probably get a shot of Cortazone to treat the pain and discomfort.  Her shoulder was injured in the accident, but it was low on the list of things to treat compared to the severity of everything else.

This Monday, Amanda will be getting scar revision surgery on her face as well as having her feeding tube hole sewn shut by the plastic surgeon.  We will be a the doctors for about five hours and Amanda will probably be a little lethargic for couple days.  Although she will have to go through some healing all over again, she is hopeful the scars will be less noticeable several months down the road.  Overall, she is being positive about it, but it is a little difficult because she isn't guaranteed a specific result from the surgery.  Everyone responds and heals differently.

Last month, Amanda was invited to partake in a "rebirth ceremony" through the Lancaster EMS where several patients were able to meet the first responders to their accident and celebrate their recovery.  It was amazing to be able to thank the guys that helped save Amanda's life and hear more details from them about the accident.  Although it was difficult, it just affirmed how much of a miracle it was that she survived.  God certainly had his hand on her.  Equally amazing was their response to meeting Amanda and witnessing her current condition.  It was a very special time for all of us, especially for Amanda and Andy (the person initially working on Amanda).  If you didn't see the article in the paper, here is a link:

Please pray for Amanda's recovery and that some positive movement is made in regard to her brain injury.  Also pray for her healing process in regard to her surgery on Monday.  We are doing really well as a family and are so blessed with how things are right now.  As much as Amanda wishes she could improve more, she knows how bad things could have been different.  We all remain optimistic that she will get better over time and need to have patience with that process.  
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Brenda Diller
By Brenda (Work) Diller
Continuing to keep Amanda in prayer for complete healing!!! I will also be praying for patience and strength. I understand the frustration of wanting to be restored to full capability asap. Like you said, it will take time and patience. Keep leaning on the Lord and turning to Him in your times of impatience and frustration.
jane king
By jane king

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
kristin dzurik
By Kristin Dzurik
Have the doctors mentioned hyperbaric oxygen treatment - my mother did it and met a lot of brain injured patients while there. Thanks for the update - we will pray!