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Amanda’s Story

I was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 05/07/11.  Within the week, I found out I have a Philidelphia Chromosome (chromosome 9 switched with 22).  Since then, I've been receiving one week of heavy chemo per month, in addition to my daily meds.  I am in remission, however, the chromosomal mutation remains.  I am scheduled to receive a bone marrow transplant in January 2013.  My family and I are hopeful this will be a success and I will have a life long cure. 

Thank you for visiting and for your prayers!

Love ~ Amanda and Families

Latest Journal Update


Hello All ~

Amanda had a bone marrow biopsy on 03/13/15.  03/22/15 was her two year birthday.  Yesterday, 03/23/15, Dr. Diamond called Amanda to give her the results.  Dr. Diamond told her the results were "practically perfect".  This means, no bone marrow biopsy until 03/2016!  What a milestone to accomplish.  

Dr. D. still wants to see Amanda in six months.  I think it is more of a personal necessity for the six month visit, that being Amanda needs her Dr. D fix, Dr. D needs her Amanda fix, mom needs her Dr. D fix.  I know Amanda can go to the doctor on her own now, but I like going with because:
1.  I get to see my kid that way, as you know her busy lifestyle has taken over her spare time, which is a blessing and a curse.
2.  I still have to tattle on Amanda to Dr. D.
If you have gone through, or know someone who has had this cancer 'row to hoe', you know that now that the body has healed, the mind needs time to catch up too.  For example, with Amanda's latest results, I was worried that Amanda would latch on to the word "practically", which would get her mind thinking, "you mean its not perfect.  Dr. D said 'practically perfect'.  Its not perfect.  There's something wrong." which would then ensue a new ball of worry.  Gratefully, I do not believe this happened this time.

I think I worry more now about Amanda, then when she was going through the storm.  Amanda's stress/anxiety levels are high, just because its hard to stop that mind from thinking.  Any weird spot on her body, any ache, any pain, gets her active mind rolling into thoughts that only people who have been through this, or something similar, would under stand.  Anxieties of new cancer or illnesses.  Sleeplessness. The PTSD (I diagnosed her.  I'm not a doctor, but I portrayed a nurse for a time) can just be crippling.  I give advice/suggestions when I can, but that is all the support I can provided.  It is just hard to see the worry/stress/exhaustion on her face, and know I can't always make it better.  Just like the other has passed, with each passing day and a little bit of help, this too will pass and time will heal that wound.

All in all, Amanda is doing wonderful!  She has applied to UW-Madison (ironically) and she waits to hear the news.  Amanda is working hard at her academics and doing well. Involved in school clubs, and enjoying working part-time with the Blackhawks.  Amanda is still the same fun loving, hilarious ball of energy, and provides endless entertainment for all.  Always.  There is no stop or pause button, only go!

My mom is doing well.  My friend Patty is still fighting.  Life is good!  

I hope you are all doing well!  Best to you all.  

Penny and Amanda

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Jolynn O'Shaughnessy
By Jolynn O'Shaughnessy
I am so happy to hear! :) Keep rockin' Amanda! :D
Kim Schuetz
By Kim Schuetz
So happy for you guys!!! Tell her we said hello....Austin too!
By Barb Wallace
So happy things are going so well!! Miss and love you all!! Please tell everyone hello from the Wallace family!!