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12/21/13 Day +274

Another Dr. appointment and bone marrow biopsy and all is well. 12/16/13 was her biopsy. Things went smoothly, although, Dr. Diamond was having a hard time because her bones are so strong! YAY! That is the polish in Amanda being strong and sturdy. I received the best Christmas present yesterday in the form of a voice mail from Dr. Diamond who happily reported the results of Amanda's latest biopsy as ALL CLEAR. NO BCR-ABL found. Clean as a whistle, inside and out! Amanda is 4 for 4 in the biopsy department since the transplant, and that was a collective swoosh, nothing but net report.

I was looking at photos from about a year ago. A year ago, we didn't know it, but Amanda's body (kidneys) was failing her. A year ago, that stinking leukemic chromosomal disease was growing more and more each day, we didn't know it. That seems so far away now. Amanda has come so far. She is looking so good, and feeling good too. At our latest visit, we did learn, and it was confirmed, Amanda is in pre-mature ovarian failure due to the radiation and chemotherapy. She has some new pills to take to help with her overall health. When she was diagnosed, we knew this was a possibility. We know all things are possible with God, so if she is meant to be a biological mom one day, that will happen ~ by God's grace. If not, and if Amanda wants to be a mom of a human two legged person, opposed to the four legged fury ones, she has always said she would adopt. The girl has got her bases covered. I hope if there are any other health issues to contend with, they be of the minor easy version and not the serious life threatening version.

This holiday season, I am so thankful for Amanda's overall health, Amanda pursuing her future in school (at Second City and college) to one day capture everyone with her smile, sparkle, shine...and take care of her mama ;) I am thankful my mother is doing well and hanging tough with her treatments and I am thankful that she did not have anything more seriously wrong. Our friend Kate celebrated her one year BMT birthday on 12/12/13 and Kate is doing wonderfully! A freshman in HS and going to compete in a gymnastics meet coming up. She is amazing! Cute little Austin is doing awesome enjoying school! And thank you to the warriors praying for my friend Patty too...she had no more brain tumors at the last scan! Her lungs and bones are still hanging in there. They did not get any worse, so that is a miracle too. Keep praying for all of the healing!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Tie a knot at the end of your rope and hang on. Attitude is everything and remember, things will always get better. Amanda, Kate, Austin, Patty and my mom are living proof!

Blessings and love to all!