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11/25/13 Day +254

Long time no speak!

No news, is good news y'all.

Another monthly check-up for Amanda has come and gone (11/22), and ALL IS WELL!  Next one, 12/16, will yield another bone marrow biopsy, and other appointments that need to get taken care of, to ensure a life of healthy living.  All of her blood numbers/kidney numbers are smashingly wonderful and we all couldn't be more pleased by the news.

Amanda started, and has been busy with her Second City Improv classes.  She is LOVING THEM and already signed up for the next semester of classes.  Any type of "schooling" that does not involve her:   a) sitting still in a seat b) mathmatics or science  c)homework (with a paper/pen), Amanda will suceed.  Throw in the fact she now gets to TALK, act, TALK, sing, TALK, pretend, TALK, immitate, and TALK...TOUCHDOWN!  We have found the golden ticket.  She was showing off her skills the other night for me...singing spanish words over the performers song...almost the entire song...on the XFactor...very entertaining....had to be there.

On a side note, Amanda has decided she will reluctantly take one... maybe two also accomplish the PLAN B of her PLAN A/PLAN B should PLAN A not work out for her.  I am hoping and praying PLAN A will work out for her, so I can fulfill and live out my dream of being the main housekeeper of her Hawaiian home.

Amanda has been keeping herself busy...notice the new picture of us meeting Pink and attending her concert.  We were so excited and greatful for the opportunity to meet her.  She was lovely and her concert was phenomenal!  Amanda attended weddings, having her cousin come and stay for the weekend, bumming with her, catching a little cold along the way, which is scary for the first time.  She scared the bajeezus out of me and called me at....3:30 a.m. one day worried and crying because she had a fever and thought she had to go to the hospital.  We just had to talk things through and learn that she is not immune to sickness, and actually more prone because of her brand new immune system.  Three days later, she was back to healthy, no fever, etc.  :)   All is well.

On a side note, about a month ago, my mom, Amanda's favorite g-ma, was diagnosed with leukemia.  We are/were none too pleased with this news.  Since I am practically an expert on leukemia because of all the reading I've done, I was much relieved to learn she has CLL - the chronic kind.  So...this screwed up my poor mom's tropical cruise she was supposed to go on with her sister, but....better to care for it now, then it get out of hand.  My mom will have 6-8 months of one week chemo/three weeks off...she is a good sturdy polish woman...a stomach of steal to handle that chemo....and we were all much relieved to finally find out what she had going on, so the good doctors can make her feel better.  ;)

Please pray for my friend Patty battling mom is working on getting that clean bill of health...Patty is looking good and our other friends Kate, Austin and Greg are doing well too.  

There is so much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving!  Sometimes, you might have to look a little harder to find that glimmer and to find that rainbow in your storm, but I promise is there!  Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, always and in every circumstance!

Happy Thanksgiving!