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My name is Alina and I am 22 years old. On Monday the 6th of August an arsonist set fire to my apartment building, forcing me to jump 4 floors to the concrete.
I broke both of my feet and my back, in addition to losing all my belongings. 

This is my journey back to health. My story of starting over.



Sandy Eastman signed Alina's Guestbook.

Alina, Don't be so hard on yourself.  You've been through so much and every day you make more and more progress.  Of course, you've been wrapped up in yourself, look ... Read more

Alina Raffa posted a new journal entry, "Coming out the other side".

It's 1 in the morning and I'm just kind of having a realization and I feel like I need to type it out.I've been steadily becoming more aware of other people again. I feel ... Read more

Alina Raffa posted a new journal entry, "more blood work".

So remember yesterday I mentioned I had to go in for more testing after my previous blood work indicated my thyroid was overactive? My TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) ... Read more

Alina Raffa posted a new journal entry, "step and step and step".

Hey all!I had yet another followup appointment about my feet. This time was rough, my doctor had to cut out my remaining stitches.The stitches on the outside of my foot, ... Read more

Matt McCauley signed Alina's Guestbook.

Hi Alina-It is your dad's friend Matt. I know it is scary for you right now. All I can say is that you can only take it one day at a time. Things will eventually work out. ... Read more

Margi Stout signed Alina's Guestbook.

I understand the fear of going forward after a tragedy. Let your special auntie share some words. You ARE going to heal, you ARE going to get better. You must remember, ... Read more

Alina Raffa posted a new journal entry, "Fear of change".

I was thinking in the future (like I shouldn't be doing, I know) and realizing that I need to go back to work at least a week before my FMLA runs out so I can bank that ... Read more

steven berger signed Alina's Guestbook.

Hi Alina,   you don't know me, and i know you indirectly through our cousin Linda Paskell. Also i met your parents a few years ago when i was in Denver with Linda ... Read more

Aric S. signed Alina's Guestbook.

Hi Alina, I took the time to join your caringbridge site because I think its wonderful your still alive, I REALLY wish I could help you with a donation(s), but ... Read more

Terree Gilchrist signed Alina's Guestbook.

SO grateful for your news, Alina!! Will keep praying God will heal you completely!Terree(Friend of cousin Linda) Read more

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