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By — Dec 16, 2012 4:02pm
SO, BEEN 2 MONTHS SINCE ANYONE HAS GRACED these pages with support of you? NOT GOOD!

You need LOVE & SUPPORT everyday UNTIl you can jump for joy(BUT PLEASE NOT FROM THE 4TH FLOOR AGAIN!!!!!!!!)

I have known you Alina, since sometime after this IRON WOMAN event happened! And you are an inspiration to us all! I am so blessed to have you as a friend!

well, I havent seen any latest updates on here of your condition! I have been informed on a daily basis BUT this site  needs that too!

So what is going on? I feel that you need to vamoose from the year 2012!!! too many lousy shit has happened to you this year! JOEY is a GOOD BONUS to an otherwise lousy year! So, just another 16 days to go to start all anew!

WISH I COULD CONTRIBUTE TO THIS SITE FOR YOU!! But I havent won powerball or mega or anything else! BUT had I won I would make sure you wouldn't have to pay rent anymore! a mortgage is so much better! I'd buy the house and you assume ownership and buy if from me!