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Alina’s Story


My name is Alina and I am 22 years old. On Monday the 6th of August an arsonist set fire to my apartment building, forcing me to jump 4 floors to the concrete.
I broke both of my feet and my back, in addition to losing all my belongings. 

This is my journey back to health. My story of starting over.


Latest Journal Update

Wish List

This experience has been extremely challenging on many levels. I am dealing with loss, grief, and depression, while at the same time finding appreciation and gratitude for being alive and having support from friends and loved ones. It is not easy to recover from multiple surgeries,and to recreate my life after so much loss. I am honored and blessed by those that want to help me. I've been asked to make a wish list for a while now, and previously it was just too painful to consider all that I had lost. I think I'm finally there.

I have made a list of things that I need to replace and I prioritized what is necessary for me to move out and live on my own.You can not replace sentimental things from a lifetime. On my list I am very specific because I know it is best to put it out there. On an emotional level, it is difficult to do this because it challenges me to stand tall in the place of knowing I deserve to have not only what I need but also what I want. It challenges me to open in a time where it is easy to close down.So I am being very specific with that intention. I also know that fulfilling my desires as I recreate my life will help lift me out of the depths of loss. I appreciate everything and anything you are willing to help with.

If you would like to help with something, please email me at so I can mark it on the master list. I want to make sure we don't end up with doubles

.Alina’s Move Out Restart Her LifeWishList

Gently used or new greatly appreciated!


Crock pot
Sandy Eastman

silverware (knives, spoons, forks)
 Mike Cummings

Karen Hudson

measuring cups
Karen Hudson

spatula (a few I think)
Karen Hudson

big spoon
Mike Cummings

set of knives
Sandy and Dick Eastman

a few mugs
Mike Cummings

cutting board
Karen Hudson

cookie sheets
Karen Hudson
muffin tin Sandy Eastman

kitchen towels  
Karen Hudson

microwave (black preferably)
Sarah Story

can opener  
Karen Hudson

dish cleaning stuff (sponges, dish scrubber thingies)

 tupperware set  
Alina Raffa and Karen Hudson

pots and pans set
Karen Falbo & Bonnie Askeland

dish set (plates/ bowls/ etc)
Alina Raffa

Alina Raffa

small dining room table and two chairs
Margi Stout

Bedroom- Colors: red/black/white/grey
light brown nightstand Aflac West Division

black bedside table lamp
Alina Raffa

red throw rug

a few extra blankets  
Alfac West Division

queen size sheets in grey/red/black
Aflac West Division
bed frame Kelly and Chris Watts

down comforter
Alina Raffa

Bathroom- Colors: dusky purple

Toilet brush


shower curtain
Karen Hudson

Karen Hudson

Karen Hudson

wash cloths
Karen Hudson

Living room- Colors: Charcoal grey/ sunny yellow

Nancy Flynn

Couch (charcoal grey)

TV stand (black)
Nancy Flynn

coffee table (black)
Donated by Furniture Consignment

end tables (black) 
Donated by Furniture Consignment

table lamp
Alina Raffa

floor lamp
Alina Raffa

welcome mat
Stephanie and Weston Woodward

Dawn, Jon, and Lily Clark

dvd player

Thank you for everything, I couldn't have made it through this journey without you all.