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Alicia Moving to Houston July 10

After thoughtful consideration the Rainbolt Family, with Alicia's blessing, has decided to continue her care in her hometown of Houston.  She departs July 10 and her updated address will be 9623 Longmont Drive, Houston, TX 77063.

I know I speak for all of Alicia's "New York family" in wishing her a safe journey. 

I encourage all NY area friends to pay a visit before Alicia departs, if time and distance allow.  She'd love to see everyone!  Her schedule is a bit packed through the weekend, but visits starting Monday, July 1 are welcomed.  Please call or text Nikki Rainbolt at 713-269-5232 to coordinate.


As always, thank you for your prayers and for peppering Alicia with love and kindness.  She is truly blessed!