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My Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends, family, and all prayer warriors updated about Al Garrett. Get started by reading the introduction to our website, My Story.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012, 2:00am

"Mr. Garrett, you do have cancer."

I (Gina) expected that. Had been nagging him to get checked for several months. Had begun being afraid to go in the house after work because I was afraid I would find him dead. Still, shock reverberated through every fiber of my being. Cancer. Not just any cancer, bile duct cancer. Metastasized. My mouth was saying "We're going to beat this!" my heart was saying "God, how can You allow this! He's going to die!"

Spring, 1970

A skinny 13-year-old girl walks into the teen Sunday School class at Dellview Church of the Nazarene in San Antonio, TX. A big, burly 14-year old boy thinks "good legs!" And the love story began. By that summer, we were "going steady" and have been together ever since. We have raised two beautiful daughters, seen both married, one divorced and remarried, fallen in love with our fine, strong sons-in-law, seen three precious grandchildren born. We have walked through the valley of death with three of our four parents. We have experienced the ecstacy of first love, the angst of the first fight, the delirium of making up, the "seven-year itch" when we wondered who that stranger was, the work of pushing through, and the delight of finding each other again. We have watched with joy our babies be born and cried with the ones that didn't make it. We have loved each other through the good times and persevered through the tough ones.


We now find ourselves at the worst of times. We depend on God, on each other, and, delightfully, on the many family members and friends who are battling with us! We welcome you and your extended friends and family to walk with us as we learn the lessons and see the blessings and miracles God has in store! Shout the battle cry loud and long - BEAT CANCER! BEAT CANCER! BEAT CANCER!

January 28, 2013

Al lost his battle with Cholangeocarcinoma, bile duct cancer, at 4:59pm. He is well at last.


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