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Lance Corporal Alex is a very proud Marine who volunteered to serve our country and protect our freedom. If you would like to contribute money in support of Alex and aid his family with his recovery needs, contact: Michelle @ 714-321-5688 or Jo Ann @ 949-348-1972. Thank You for reading his background story....

LCPL Alexander Minsky joined the Marine Corps in 2007 and completed basic training in April 2008, and was guide of his battalion.
He then did weapons training at Camp Pendelton till July 2008. He was then based out of Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii for ten months, with deployment training in 29 Palms, CA, weeks before deployment. He was deployed to Afghanistan in the second week of May 2009.
Alex was trained as a Mortar man and his job in Afghanistan was to be a "door kicker", breaking down doors and being the first one to enter a building.
We received word Sunday (5/31) that Alex's HumVee was hit by an IED while on a patrol mission around 1:30am. Due to the extent of his injuries resulting from the blast, Alex now faces a long and arduous recovery. However, he is young, he is strong, and he is a fighter. We are confident that with the aid of his loving family and devoted friends that Alex has the best chance to make a full and speedy recovery.  We are so proud of him and his commitment to the United States Marine Corps and anxiously await his return.

Thank you very much for your continued prayers and support for Alex and his family.


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