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Alex’s Story

Lance Corporal Alex is a very proud Marine who volunteered to serve our country and protect our freedom. If you would like to contribute money in support of Alex and aid his family with his recovery needs, contact: Michelle @ 714-321-5688 or Jo Ann @ 949-348-1972. Thank You for reading his background story....

LCPL Alexander Minsky joined the Marine Corps in 2007 and completed basic training in April 2008, and was guide of his battalion.
He then did weapons training at Camp Pendelton till July 2008. He was then based out of Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii for ten months, with deployment training in 29 Palms, CA, weeks before deployment. He was deployed to Afghanistan in the second week of May 2009.
Alex was trained as a Mortar man and his job in Afghanistan was to be a "door kicker", breaking down doors and being the first one to enter a building.
We received word Sunday (5/31) that Alex's HumVee was hit by an IED while on a patrol mission around 1:30am. Due to the extent of his injuries resulting from the blast, Alex now faces a long and arduous recovery. However, he is young, he is strong, and he is a fighter. We are confident that with the aid of his loving family and devoted friends that Alex has the best chance to make a full and speedy recovery.  We are so proud of him and his commitment to the United States Marine Corps and anxiously await his return.

Thank you very much for your continued prayers and support for Alex and his family.

Latest Journal Update


Good Day and Happy Spring to all.   The weather is warm and beautiful today and reminds me of renewal and hope.   Let me just start out by explaining the picture here. My sister, Michelle and her husband Rick have spent much time in the past few months organizing a campaign to get the 50 state flags to hang up in a large meeting room in Afghanistan, (many of you supported that cause, THANK YOU!). The flags were soooo appreciated by the troops, that over the holidays they repeated the same for another building. I think this picture is the second building. This shot shows just some of them, but they look terrific and I bet they are such an inspiration and reminder of home, for these deployed men and women. Thanks once again Michelle and Rick. This was a huge undertaking. You guys are awesome and we love you. (enlarge it and really look at it. These are our troops in-country)    

This Caring Bridge site has been an invaluable tool in these past months. A way for us as a family to share LCpl Minsky's progress and update so many family and friends of Alex's critical injuries afflicted 6-1-09 in Afghanistan. Then, his amazing and blessed recovery and therapies that have enabled him to continue his life and still be here in ours.  

We are very aware that we are truly lucky and are grateful to have witnessed
this miracle, when so many families have not. Each day I close my eyes and say a prayer of thanks because I can not ever imagine our family without him, though his injuries have forever changed what he thought he would do or be.    

The updates on Caring Bridge have been fewer and fewer in between and there are two reasons. His recovery at this point is in a prolonged state. He remains living at med-hold
at the Navy Medical Hospital in San  Diego, with other wounded warriors from all the different military stations, struggling with their own recoveries. He is independent and comes home some weekends. He has been to the Super Bowl, back up to Palo Alto for a vision study and continues with therapies for cognitive thinking, speech and of course physical therapies. Stumpy and Clark continue to be a team and Alex hopes to be able to start running sometime in the future.   His recovery process is in the months and years stage, probably a lifetime depending what is going on, as any one with medical struggles know. Day to day or week to week, things remain the same with some small changes.    

The second is, The other day I scrolled down and took a very long time and started at the beginning and read Caring Bridge. Those first fateful days and the months that followed.
We were his voice then.... We let his family and friends know what was going on.
We took turns writing of his recovery and
the support and prayers are invaluable to us, and there is no doubt that your support is why he thrives.  
Lately, I think we are more select about him and telling so many of his details when he is here... a man living his own life and his stories are his to tell. (Yah, I know I am still a blabber mouth to the immediate family...)There will be updates from time to time, but probably less and less. Isn't that a blessing? No longer is he acute!!!
(Although he IS CUTE!!)
(Maybe one day Alex will give us all an update of his own, so far he has declined)  

His struggles are now about figuring out life (aren't ours all?) What to do? He is taking it step by step. I will say, because it is not a secret, he has decided to start his medical boards for a honorary medical discharge. It has been a long hard decision, but that is the way he has decided to go and we respect that and as a family will support him, whether we agree or not. Russell and I are very proud of him either way.   In a few weeks he will have another surgery on his jaw, and we will update then. His wisdom teeth are coming up under the plates that held his jaw together and causing pain. So the plates have to be taken off, the teeth extracted and the plates possibly put back in depending on what the oral surgeons find at that time. Other than that he is doing fine, looks great and has been concentrating on his health and weight lifting.      

Over these past months I have wondered and thought about the people that read this site. I know so many that have struggles of their own, whether job related, health related, family struggles (dang teenagers!) and just living. Receiving guest book entries have always been so supportive and uplifting, but with Alex and our family as the main topic.

We are just one family and have been pretty self-absorbed with our struggles and triumphs in the past few months.
  I had a thought; which might be good for all of us.
I am asking everyone who reads this,
if you have ever left a guest book entry or not. Leave one today, but not a message to us about us, but one of yourself or family. We would love to hear about you.....

More importantly one that tells something good and positive, even if this been the cruddiest week of your life.
Don't leave this site without leaving a note of something joyous and positive. About your dog?, your boss? your kids, vacation plans? a knock-knock joke??? tid-bits about yourself??!!? You get the drift. (Just keep it clean!!)
  It would mean a lot and I think it might be cathartic for all of us. Perhaps it is yet another selfish request but I have been thinking about this for a while. I think it could be interesting. We will see what happens. (Don't be shy....;)  

My email addresss is listed on this site or you can write me for Russells at any point in time, if you would like to speak to either of us. Alex's is not for publication (he doesn't read it anyway) but if you have a message,
we are happy to pass it along.

We thank you for sharing your lives with us and hope your family is
thriving. We will be in touch. Thank you for all the support.