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Alex Presents at His School

Alex presented at two assemblies yesterday at his middle school.  He showed a video that he and his parents made about his accident, recovery, and the importance of wearing helmets.  He did not hold anything back as the presentation had photos of him when he was in the coma, the post-coma vegetative state, and videos of his recovery. It also showed kids that were not as lucky as Alex with their recovery; unfortunately there are a lot of kids that die from skateboarding accidents. He had a Q&A session after his video.  There were about 750 kids in each assembly.

Alex received a real positive response from the school staff and students.  He plans on visiting other schools to try and convince kids to wear helmets.
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Della Hemphill
By Great Auntie Della & Uncle Charlie Hemphill
This is a brave young man. Thanks for the family making good come out of a bad situation. Many more lives will be saved if the children heed the message and wear helmets. We are so proud of you and your family!

Christina Karen
By The Karen Family
Awesome Job Alex!! Keep spreading your message!! Who knows who's life you may help to save!!
Cindy Gray
By Cindy Gray
Are there any websites with this type of information that we can share with parents of skateboarders? I have many friends that don't make their kids wear helmets and I think they might if they could see what others have gone through. I'm happy to hear that Alex had a good outcome and he is working to help others make smart choices for themselves. There is just this stigma that kids don't want to wear a helmet when skateboarding around their homes and neighborhoods.
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jack and linda shuk
By Nina and Papa — last edited
Alex, You are our hero. You are so brave. Thank you for carrying the message to kids to wear their helmets. Love you so much
Helen Puckett
By Aunt Helen & Uncle Milt Puckett
Alex, we are so proud of you. We know you will change many lives by convincing your peers to wear their helmets.
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