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What a Week

Well, Friday marked another one of those milestones that you are always working towards. During Alex's last visit the Dr's had decided that we were ok to go ahead and have Alex's porta cath removed. For those that aren't familiar with a port, it is a small device placed under the skin usually on the chest. It looks like a small disk with a tube attached. The other end  of the tube is attached to a major artery and facilitates being able to administer the chemotherapy, draw blood and a host of other uses. I'm glad to report that the surgery went off without a hitch and Alex quickly recovered. It's one less reminder of the hardship that he endured, one less thing that signifies what a horrible disease he had.

This week also marked the passing of 3 children that I have been following on their journey. It marks 3 too many children that died too early. It certainly gives you a gut check and is very emotional. Any of those three children could have been Alex. Any of those three families could have been my family. My heart aches for their loss and brings tears to my eyes. I may never see a cure for cancer in my lifetime but will pray for one. I will pray for each child and each family that is scarred by this horrible disease. I know these three angels are in a better place with their heavenly father. They have no more pain, no more chemo, no more sick nights. I feel a sense of guilt when I update everyone on Alex's progress, but I know that I shouldn't. Alex is a symbol of hope to many and an inspiration to a community that desperately needs inspiration. People need to know that you can beat cancer despite adverse statistics. People need to know that prayers work despite the losses that we continue to experience. Everyone please pray for the families of Kobe, Caden and Ben. Pray to give them the strength to live on despite their unimaginable losses. Pray for all of those fighting or recovering from cancer.

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Temeka Albert
By Temeka Albert
I'm so glad to hear that Alex is improving, God is truly with him. He is a strong precious boy who has been through alot and I know he still has a journey to go through, but he is a inspiration to all.
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Ginger Hines
Chris, I continue to pray for Alex, you and the rest of your family. What a special child he is and what an awesome earthly Dad and Heavenly Father he has! Sending love and prayers to you all from Knoxville, Ginger
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