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Off of the ROIDS

So, our monthly clinic visit went well on Wednesday. All of his levels with the exception of his pesky magnesium were fine. We will stay on the mag until his levels improve. Dr. Pastakia also decided that Alex was ok to completely come off of his steroids. He has been on a very low dose for some time now, but is very excited not to take any more steroids. He also took him off of his Pepcid and weekend antibiotic regimen which is awesome. He is down to 3 prescription pills each day along with some OTC meds. He is doing pretty well in school considering that he missed the vast majority of the year and seems happy with his classmates. When I went to drop him off after his appointment on Tuesday his classmates all ran up to high five him. Mrs. Rose had it right when she said he is a rock star at Scales Elementary. To be honest, it got me a little choked up. We have our third post treatment MRI next month and need prayers for a good reading. They will also do a spinal tap to look for cancer in the spinal fluid. I have no reason to believe that the results will be bad, but always get very nervous and emotional in the time leading up to each MRI. As a cancer parent you know that you pretty much live from MRI to MRI for a while. Always hoping and praying for good results with the next test. Right now we are just pushing for milestones, for dates on a calendar that signify better odds at no relapse. On December 8th of this year we will have a big milestone. It will be 2 years since his initial diagnosis. Statistically if you make it to two years your odds of not having a relapse are much improved. In some ways it doesn’t seem like it has been that long and in some ways it seems like a lifetime. To all of my fellow cancer parents, keep strong and keep praying. To my strong son, keep being awesome and an inspiration to so many including myself.