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My name is Alexander (Alex) Scogins. I am a six year old bundle of energy that happens to be battling Metastatic Medulloblastoma. I really don’t think about it that much and try to stay positive for my Mom and Dad. Take some time and read about my journey. Please continue to send prayers for strength and healing during this difficult time.

Over a week ago while we were having our family portraits taken, Alex got sick. Initially we thought it was the flu and that it would pass. He stayed home from school on Monday as he was still feeling sick. On Tuesday he went back to school as he was feeling better. While on a field trip he became sick again and kept throwing up. We took him to Dr. Eastham on Thursday who said that it might be migraines and gave him some medicine to help with that. He also said that if things didn’t improve within 24 hours that we should call back. Needless to say, the symptoms didn’t go away. He said we should take him to the hospital to have him evaluated and we did. We don’t take the kids anywhere but Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital when they need more acute treatment (and you should do the same withyour little ones if you live in the area). The physicians did a series of neurological evaluations and decided to do a CAT scan which revealed a mass on his Cerebellum. The neurosurgeon came down and recommended that we perform surgery to remove the mass after more test to confirm the findings. Well, that is exactly what happened which brings us to the present. Read our updates to see what is happening and keep the prayers coming...

God Bless,
The Scogins’ Family


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Praying for you and your family, stay strong and believe that through God all things are possible. Stay strong sweet angel. Read more

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Praying they approve the therapy. I have a friend with a son who has a Traumatic Brain Injury and they went through this therapy. They seem to think it really helped him ... Read more

Chris Scogins posted a new journal entry, "Going Diving".

Well Alex's motor function issues have stabilized for the moment but the steriods have made him into an eating machine. He tries to eat all of the time so we have had to ... Read more

Chris Scogins posted a new journal entry, "Good News".

Well, the doc just told us that the radiologist ruled on the MRI and said it looks like his radiation necrosis has worsened, but it doesn't appear to be a relapse tumor. ... Read more

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Chris I am praying for you and your family across the miles I can't be there in person but am certainly sending love and prayers to you and your family. You are a ... Read more

Chris Scogins posted a new journal entry, "Stuck in Vandy".

This marks night 2 back on the 6th floor of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. When Alex finished his chemo back in late August I told him that he wouldn’t have to come ... Read more

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