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Alexander’s Story

My name is Alexander (Alex) Scogins. I am a six year old bundle of energy that happens to be battling Metastatic Medulloblastoma. I really don’t think about it that much and try to stay positive for my Mom and Dad. Take some time and read about my journey. Please continue to send prayers for strength and healing during this difficult time.

Over a week ago while we were having our family portraits taken, Alex got sick. Initially we thought it was the flu and that it would pass. He stayed home from school on Monday as he was still feeling sick. On Tuesday he went back to school as he was feeling better. While on a field trip he became sick again and kept throwing up. We took him to Dr. Eastham on Thursday who said that it might be migraines and gave him some medicine to help with that. He also said that if things didn’t improve within 24 hours that we should call back. Needless to say, the symptoms didn’t go away. He said we should take him to the hospital to have him evaluated and we did. We don’t take the kids anywhere but Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital when they need more acute treatment (and you should do the same withyour little ones if you live in the area). The physicians did a series of neurological evaluations and decided to do a CAT scan which revealed a mass on his Cerebellum. The neurosurgeon came down and recommended that we perform surgery to remove the mass after more test to confirm the findings. Well, that is exactly what happened which brings us to the present. Read our updates to see what is happening and keep the prayers coming...

God Bless,
The Scogins’ Family

Latest Journal Update


It's been far too long since I have posted an update on Alex. In this case no news really is good news. Alex is doing well in school and is going to move on to third grade next year. His brother and sister Carter and Caroline will be joining him in school this year too. I know he will be a stellar big brother and keep an eye on both of them. Pretty much everything with him has been stable for quite some time and life has fallen into a predictable routine. For many years while Alex struggled with cancer I prayed for peace and longed for a predictable routine. God has given us so much more and for that I am thankful. I know there are many families out there struggling with pediatric cancer who long for a predictable routine and I pray that God will help them as well. Alex just celebrated his ninth birthday this past Sunday and is thriving. Can you believe when he was diagnosed he was six and now he is nine. He got a bicycle and many other wonderful gifts for his birthday and has been enjoying them all. He does have trouble keeping his feet on the pedals so I am going to try and install some toe clips to help him. The goal is to help him regain his strength while having fun. Since he isn't able to go to physical therapy anymore we have tried to find ways to make his PT at home entertaining which is impossible. He hates it and I hate it too. Some weeks it doesn't happen and that's okay. I got back into riding bicycles about two years ago and want to help all of the kids enjoy riding. Alex has to use a special three wheel recumbent bike as he is not able to keep his balance walking let alone riding a bicycle. I've even thought about riding in the St. Jude Ride in Memphis which is in October, but I need some more time to train and i'm not sure where the family will be then. So I think we will take a look at it next year when hopefully things will be a little more clear. I know there are so many people out there still praying for Alex every day and I know that is what is sustaining him and the family. Thank you for your prayers and support.