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Alexander’s Story

 Welcome everyone to Alex's caringbridge website.
On Saturday September 28th, Alex swallowed some of a tide pod. As soon as his mommy noticed  she gave him milk in hopes it would help which is what the warning label on the Tide container said to do. Little did we know things would get really bad. Immediately after giving him milk he started to severely throw up and have severe diarrhea so Alex's dad called ask a nurse and they said bring him to the ER. As we were getting ready to leave Alex began to sound really bad and his lips turned purple so mom called 911. We waited for help. First came a first responder followed by a cop and than Ulen rescue and than FM ambulance. When fm abulance got there they decided if it would be best to land a helicopter in Hitterdal or get closer to Fargo they decided to meet life flight in Hawley. After we arrived at Sanford while in the ER his breathing got worse and he then suddenly stopped breathing. He was then ventilated and brought up to PICU.


Latest Journal Update

October 10, 2013

Today is a WONDERFUL day for our family. After 13 longs days, Alex finally gets to go HOME! We are so happy and thankful! A huge Thank You to all who supported us and prayed for Alex! A big Thank you to all the Doctors and Nurses who saved Alex and took such very good care of him!!!!!