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Alexa's Race



  Dad here:

This morning we had the privilege to see almost 400 people of all ages get out on a damp day and run 3.1 miles for Alexa.  Her 4th Annual Memorial Run was sponsored by the Clyde Kiwanis Club under the auspices of the Clyde Fair Board.  We had enormous assistance from the Clyde Fire Dept., the Clyde Police Dept., the Clyde H.S. Key Club, the Clyde Service Dept., Clyde City Council, some members of the Clyde H.S. Band and the Toledo Runners Club. 

Without the tireless efforts of the committee comprised of Morgan Stanley, Bev Hart, Lynsey Fairbanks, Chris Drown and Wendy Brown, this race would not have been pulled together.  Our preregistered participants numbered, at the minimum, 10% higher than last year.

At 0500 this morning it was raining and still doing so at 0700.  I am not one who asks for Divine intervention in the weather as it "rains on the just and the unjust" but in this instant matter I felt compelled to do so.  I know others were doing the same thing.  Although I do not recall the exact time it stop drizzling but it did so in time for the kids run and stayed clear the balance of the morning allowing everyone to run in acceptable conditions.

We were not able to accommodate the butterfly release due to the weather so that activity will be held out our house tomorrow afternoon. 

In concluding this message, it was the power of prayer, the commitment of community and the fellowship of friends that caused Alexa's race to again be a resounding success.

Her legacy lives on!