Make Sure Alexa Is Not Alone This Holiday Season

Your contributions to Alexa's journal this year made sure that they never felt alone. Your tax-deductible donation in Alexa's honor will make sure that Caringbridge continues to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

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Dad here:

The kindness shown in all the recent entries in the guest book is very much appreciated. 

I failed to note in the last journal post how successful her memorial scholarship gold outing turned out.  Last night we reviewed the numbers w/ our friends at Sleepy Hollow and it looks like we'll be able to deposit $5,000 in the fund.  This should bring the fund to $20K.  None of this is possible w/o the love and dedication from many friends, colleagues and family members.  Alexa's legacy will be realized for many years to come as a result of all the hard work and participation. 

As always, blessings upon all of you!