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Aleesha’s Story

Greetings Civilians,

       My name is Aleesha Liu, and I am 16 years old. On friday november 16th I was diagnoised with a stage two cancer called Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It started in the lymph nodes in my neck and has spread to the ones in my chest. I am set to begin chemotherapy on november 20th, and am expected to make a full recovery. Here's my story..

a little about myself and how it is I discovered my lymphoma. I am a Junior at Millard West. I am very active in my youth group at my church as well as Campus Life, I am in the all girls varsity show choir group called Uptown Girls. I also am in  National Honor Society as well as worked part time at Newmans Cafe (until recently when I resigned to focus on my health) So bacially I am the normal busy teenager keeping busy with all life has for me! I have always tried to walk closley to God and sincerely enjoy church and the key role it plays in my life, and especially my story. About 2 months ago I noticed a small lump in the side of my neck just above my collar bone. I ignored it thinking the muscle must just be knotted up or something. I soon realized if i rotated my shoulder in a certain way I could see the lump move around  After about 2 weeks and it didn't go away I showed my Mom, who also thought it was most likley nothing to worry about but made a appointment with our family doctor. After they checked it out and ruled out the thyroid at a issue they sent me for a ultra sound. The ultra sound showed the lymph nodes were enlarged but it could not define why. They sent me to a Head and Neck Oncologist at Methodist. After they checked thing out they decided to do a needle biopsy -  3 needle pokes and a week later those results showed "abnormal cells" but again they could not make a diagnosis. Throughout this whole process everyone was rooting for it to be a bad infection that was causing all this. After the needle biopsy'd they decided to do surgery and remove a lymph node and send in to figure out what was really going on. They ended up taking 3 lymph nodes. We waited almost a week for those results. Nearly a week later, on November 16th, I was diagnosed with a cancer called Hodgkins Lymphoma. I then switched doctor and hospitals and now am with a Pediatric Oncologist at UNMC - my Mom assures me it's the best place to be for this. They did some more test the following day and on friday the 18th the results came back difinitivly that it was stage two. The cancer has spead to my to the nodes in my chest. My journey is only beginning and I look forward to sharing it with you through this website. So without futher a do, here we go.